My Cleaning Kit

What products do you use to clean your house? I love getting ideas from other people on what works best. Here's what I use! Enjoy!


Plan with me! Erin Condren Life Planner (Horizontal)

I have been wanting to try out my erin condren horizontal planner for quite some time. I thought it would be fun to film it and have a bonus planner video this week. I hope you enjoy!

get ready with me: Date Night!

I love Date Night with my hubby! Get ready with me!


perfume collection 2015

It's been requested a couple of times for me to show you guys an updated look at my perfume collection. So here it is! Enjoy!

My Cleaning Routine: The Kitchen (Speed Cleaning)

I thought you guys might be interested in seeing my cleaning routine! Starting out with what I do on Tuesdays. Every Tuesday I tackle my kitchen including doing all the dishes, cleaning the table and counters, cleaning my stove and microwave. Sweeping and mopping the floor. Taking out all the trash and cleaning out my fridge. I hope you enjoy!


school supplies haul and how I organize my kids for school

The new school year is fast approaching! I am preparing my kids to enter second and seventh grade. They're not all that excited, but I sure am!


Household Haul! Dollar Tree + Walmart

Check out the items that I purchased from walmart and dollar tree to help care for my home. I've got some cleaning supplies, some scents and some pet items! I hope you enjoy!

Vlog: DITL of a SAHM (+ Speed cleaning)

I thought I would give you guys a sneak peak into a day in my life. I am a stay at home mom and wife with two children ages 12 and 7. I spend most of my days running errands, hanging out with my boys, cleaning my humble home and lots and lots of laundry! So I hope you enjoy coming along with me while I do just that!!

plan with me august 10-16 in my happy planner

Time for another edition of plan with me! This week I did a fun green and yellow theme. I hope you enjoy!

Bonus Video! Grocery Haul

I love doing grocery hauls! I don't know what it is, but I just love watching what groceries other people buy, and seeing what their meal plans looks like, etc. It's so fun! I like posting grocery hauls as well as meals of the week videos so people can see what groceries I buy and then in turn what meals I turn them into! Anyway, if you like grocery hauls as much as I do, then here ya go!


Elf Contour Palette Review and Swatches

Today I have a review and swatches of the Elf contour kit. The contour kit comes with 4 shades of powder in one convenient palette. The palette comes with a nice cooler toned powder that is the perfect contour shade for lighter skin tones. A medium toned bronzing shape. A cream colored powder that is nice for setting concealer or for a subtle highlight shade. And lastly a bright white shade that is a beautiful highlight shade. All four of these shades are matte, super finely milled and not super powdery. They all blend on into the skin beautifully for a very natural look. You can get a very dramatic contoured face with this product, without it looking caked on or stripey. I was very pleasantly surprised with how beautifully smooth te powders were and how easy they were to apply and blend.

The packaging is really nice as well. The palette is about palm sized with a huge mirror. The four powders can be popped in and out so that you can easily customize this palette. You can pop in a blush from the blush palette that elf has available in the same packaging, which I think is an awesome option for if you're on the go or traveling a lot.

Overall, I really like this product. Especially if you are a light to medium skin tone. If you have a darker skin tone you might have to really build these shades up to get them to work for you. This palette is available from elf's website for $6! I think it's a great value for the money and I highly recommend it!


August 2015 Julep Box: Muse Montreal Collection

It's been a little while since I shared my monthly Julep Box with you! A couple months back I switched to a customizable account. I now pay 24.99 a month, but I can pick and choose exactly what I want in my box! I love the feature. I can choose from all of the new releases or I can swap them out and put in some older items from previous collections. Here's what I picked out this month! (Swatches are from Julep's Website.)

Laure- Julep Describes Laure as a Blazing Red Orange Stardust
Mari- Julep Describes Mari as Peony linear liquid holographic

I got the rethink your shower Body Cleansing oil last month and have been loving it so I decided I really ought to try the konjac sponge that they recommend you use with it! It's huge and I can't wait to try it!

It's Fun to Exfoliate All Natural Body Konjac Sponge

And then I couldn't resist adding on this gorgeous purple shade!You guys know me and purple!

Cally- Julep Describes Cally as a Festival Fuchsia iridescent chrome 

What did you get in your Julep Box? Not subscribed to Julep? If you're a polish lover this is the sub box for you! I highly recommend it! Click here to sign up!

plan with me! July 27-Aug 1 in my happy planner!

The weeks are just flying by! I almost missed out on sharing this week's spread in my happy planner with you! It's a little late, but here it is!! This is the week of July 27- August 2! I used a lot of stickers from some of my absolute favorite etsy shops. I used the Secret Garden Sticker set from Big House Prints on etsy. These stickers are made to fit the vertical erin condren life planner. But they fit in my happy planner too! They come up a bit short, since the erin condren boxes are shorter than the happy planner ones. But I absolutely love the beautiful colors and design! If you are interested in buying this set or any of the other super cute sets that she has to offer in her shop, you can use the coupon code "Jwhackers" and get 20% off any order of 10 dollars or more!

In addition to the Secret Garden Sticker set, I also used a few of the full boxes from the Kawaii Fruit mix-n-match set from Mama Needs Chocolate on etsy. These are sized for the happy planner so they fit perfectly and I think that the pink colors compliments the other stickers I used in the spread. I've got a coupon code for this shop, too! I asked her if she would do one for you guys because I just love her stickers so much! If you use "Jwhackers" you can get 25% off any order of 3 dollars or more. These stickers are already so affordable, and using this coupon code gets you great stickers at a total steal!

The weekend banner that I used in the spread is from stickeriffic. And the super cute mixer stickers are from cheeky paper creations. Her shop is on a brief hiatus while she catches up on orders, but once it reopens, you can use the code "Jwhackers10" through the end of the month of receive 10% off any order. I highly recommend her shop! She's got the cutest repositional stickers at super low prices.

If you want to see how I put together this spread, check out my plan with me video!

Affordable meals of the week!

If you are interested in seeing some of the dinners my family and I enjoy, check out my latest youtube video! I love sharing our weekly meals with you! I hope you enjoy!


plan with me July 20-26

It's another week in my planner, and this time I went with a really girly pink theme. That's not usually my style. But for whatever reason I was really feeling the pretty pink girly theme this week. Maybe because my niece was born last week. I don't know! But anyway, I didn't have a ton going on this week, again. I feel like during the summer I just try to keep the weekdays open and go with the flow day to day. I want my kids to be able to run around the neighborhood and hang out with their friends or do whatever they want, without having to go to a ton of scheduled things. So that explains why my weekly spreads are sort of blank and open. I add in a lot of things day to day as the week progresses. Anyway, here's my pages for the week. I took a ton of photos! I was really feeling this spread!

If you want to see how I did this spread check out my plan with my video!


Confessions of a nail polish addict tag

1. What color are  you wearing right now?
Wet n wild wild shine "Putting on Airs"
2. What nail product can't you live without?
A quick dry top coat!
3. What is your favorite brand of nail polish?
Currently my favorites are sinful colors and julep! 
4. What nail shape do you wear?
Sort of squoval
5. What's your go to red, pink and neutral nail polish?
For Red It's Sinful colors "sugar, sugar". Pink is went n wild wild shine  "Tickled Pink" And neutral would be Ulta's "Set the nude"
6. Short or long nails?
I like short nails in the winter when I am wearing darker colors. Otherwise, sort of medium length works best for me! 
7. What nail polishes are on your wish list?
I used to have a wish list pinned on pinterest.  Now, really, the only polishes I want are the Color Club linear holographics. I'd also like to try Jessie's girl polish, and expand my collection of l'oreal.
8. When do you paint your nails? Morning, afternoon or evening?
9. What's your top nail tip you swear by?
10. What nail polishes do you regret buying?
The sally hansen magnetic nail polishes
11. Neon or pastel?
I love love love neon in the summer, but pastels are my favorite
12. What is your favorite nail polish color right now?
I'm all about pinks right now!

For more indepth answers and reasonings, check out my video!


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