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January 4- 10 in my Happy Planner!

For the first full week in the new year I really wanted to get creative in my Happy Planner. I have gotten into a planning rut of buying full kits of stickers and sticking everything down and writing everything in. It's the same thing week after week! So this week I mixed it up and used some scrapbook paper to make my own boxes. I was able to cut them down to the exact size I needed, rather than being boxed in (haha) to the box size of the happy planner. The way that I like to plan is to use one of the sections of my vertical planner for writing to do lists. And the other two I sort of combine to be my "today" section where I put in appointments and reminders for the day. Using the scrapbook paper allowed me to combine the two smaller sections into one larger section, and I liked that a lot!

The scrapbook paper I used came from the Ki Bright Geo paper pad from Hampton Art. I loved the bright pink and blue and so that was the color scheme that I went with. I used a combination of patterned and solid paper and I really like the finished look.

 To tie in the blue and pink I used a combination of washi tapes that I purchased from Dollar Tree, Walmart and Target. I used the washi tape to cover up the dates across the top so I could use my own date covers that I made from the same paper that I made my full boxes from. I just punched little hearts using a paper punch and wrote the dates in using my black papermate flair pen, which is my favorite pen for planning.

I like a combination of functionality and decoration on my sidebar, so I did a mix of fun quote stickers in colors that coordinate with my theme as well as checklist stickers and some stickers that I made myself using the silhouette portrait my hubby got me for Christmas.

 Once my main spread was completed, I punched a few project life cards to slip into my planner so that I have a place to do a bit of journaling to recap how I spent my week, how I was feeling or any major events. This is something that I used to do a lot in my planner, and something that I sort of got out of the habit of doing. It's something that I really want to try to do every week, because looking back on the little tidbits that I wrote when I was doing my planner flip through was so fun! It's a great way to incorporate memory keeping into my planner!


Lastly, I punched a page from a little notepad and used some little stamps that I picked up from Target's one spot to stamp "To buy" on it. This will be my master grocery list for the week. I like that by punching it (I just used a regular old hole punch and then used scissors to clip the holes so that the page could easily pop right into the rings of my happy planner) I can keep the list in my planner where I will know where to find it when I need to add something to it. But I can easily pull it out and put it into my pocketbook when I am ready to run my errands!

So that's pretty much it! If you would like to see how I put this full spread together, head on over to my youtube channel where you can check out my "plan with me" video for the week!


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