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One of my "guilty pleasures" is reading magazines. I use the phrase guilty pleasures loosely, because I don't feel guilty about it at all. I love to read books, don't get me wrong. Reading is one of my all time favorite things to do. But, being a stay at home mom with two children, a husband, two dogs a cat and a turtle to take care of, as well as a blog and a youtube channel to keep up with, I don't often find time to sit for long periods of time to read. That's one of the reasons I love magazines. I can always find a few minutes to sit down and flip through a magazine and read an article or two. So, because of that reason, I have a lot of magazine subscriptions. I picked up a lot of my subscriptions from Eyeslipsface.com. They have a deal where they sign you up for a free magazine subscription every time you place an order for a certain amount of money. you can opt out of the deal, of course, but I love magazines, so it's a great deal for me!

Anyway, I thought for today I would show you the magazines I am subscribed to and tell you what I like about each magazine. Sort of a magazine review, if you will. I thought it would be a good, quick blog post to write up! Hopefully you enjoy.

I have subscriptions to the following magazines. Allure, Women's Healthy, Parents, Fitness, People Stylewatch, Instyle, glmaour and Vogue. I also have a subscription to reader's digest.Wow, that's a lot when I list them all. haha.

My favorite magazines to read are beauty and fashion magazines, as you can probably tell by the sheer number that I have. I love allure and glamour because of the makeup aspect. I love to read about the makeup trends, and get ideas for makeup looks for myself and my youtube channel. Before I read any of the articles, I always just flip through the magazines and look at the pictures, check out the advertisements for all the cosmetics, and see if I can get any tips or ideas on makeup looks.

Vogue, People Stylewatch, and Instyle I read mostly for the fashion. There are beauty things in there too that I also enjoy, but I really soak up the fashion articles. Most of the items featured in these magazines are items that I could never afford to buy. lots of designed things. But I like getting ideas from them, and inspiration for when I do my shopping at places like target and walmart and old navy. I find a lot of times that I can find cute inexpensive items that are very similar. I don't know, I think reading magazines like Vogue and Instyle is like window shopping. It's super fun! hehe.

Fitness magazine is one of my more recent subscriptions. I normally would have skipped the promotion to get this magazine, but since I have been focusing more of eating better and taking better care of myself, I find that I really like fitness magazine! Women's Health is pretty much the same thing. Lots of tips on eating well, and exercising. They have healthy recipes in them, work outs to try, and other tips for women! I don't enjoy these ones are much as the fashion and beauty magazines, but I do read them and get a lot out of them!

Parents magazine is fun because, of course, I am a parent. Parents magazine has lots for fun activities that I can do with my children as well as tips for caring for kids in certain circumstances, like when they are sick. There are recipes in this one too. Kid friendly recipes, which is nice. I don't have particularly picky eaters, but it's still fun to try out new recipes!

Reader's Digest is a good magazine because it's small and I can stick it right in my handbag. I like this, because then I can pull it out when I am riding in the car, or when I am waiting at the doctor's office, etc. I really like the sections in reader's digest like the quotable quotes and the other similar ones.

So those are my magazine subscriptions. I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it was something a bit different from my usual blog post, but I thought it would be a fun change. What magazines are you subscribed to? Are there any magazines that I am not subscribed to that I should be? (Not that I NEED anymore! haha) Leave me a comment down below and let me know! Thanks, as always, for visiting the blog, and be sure, if you like it to click the link and subscribe to it!! :)

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