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Today I wanted to do a quick review of the Hard Candy Fox in a Box Blushes. Hard Candy is discontinuing a ton of their products. If you go and like my facebook fan page, I have listed on there all of the products that are going to be discontinued. The Fox in a Box blushes are one of those products. I really love them. I have 3 out of the 5 that they have, and I thought you might like to hear my review and see swatches so that if you are interested you can run out and get them before they are gone for good! I have the blushes in the colors "Smooth Talker", "Spicy & Sweet" and "Hot Flash". I have had hot flash the longest. I just recently picked up the other two.

All three of the Hard Candy Fox in a Box Blushes that I own are quads. There are four shades of blush that you can use on their own, or you can swirl them together. I choose to swirl them together, because it's a bit difficult to get a blush brush in there and just pick up one of the shades, since the squares of color are a bit on the small side.

But before I get into the colors, let's talk about the packaging. All of the Fox in a Box blushes come in a cute little box. They remind me a lot of the Benefit Boxed Powders. Each of the boxes is the same, except for the fact that the colors of the boxes correspond with the colors of the blushes. Each blush contains 5.7 grams of product and comes with a little brush that you can use to apply the blush of you want. (I don't use the brush)

Now let's talk about the actual shades. "Smooth Talker" is, as I said, a quad of colors. There is a light peachy color, a light pink, a deeper pink and a light purple. The shades are all pretty sheer. Blended together Smooth Talker in a sheer peachy pink color. On my fair skin it is barely visible, and this is the least pigmented blush of the three that I own. It's got a bit of shimmer to it that doesn't translate well to the skin. This blush is good for fair tones or to be used as a highlight, but as it's not highly pigmented, I would skip this one for use as blush if you are medium to dark skinned.  But it does make a lovely highlight shade. I have seen this blush compared to Benefit's Sugar Bomb. I have no idea how it compares, since I don't own benefit's blush. But if you are looking for a dupe for that blush from benefit, you might want to check out Hard Candy's Smooth Talker.

"Spicy & Sweet" is a gorgeous blush. The colors in this quad are three different shades of pink- a light pink, a medium pink and a deeper pink, as well as a nude-y brown color. Swirled together, this blush makes a lovely pink shade that is the perfect flush of color on y fair skin. This blush is pretty pigmented, and blends very easily. It is a powdery blush. In fact, all three of these blushes are powdery. But I think the quality is good, and the lasting power is decent. Overall, Spicy and Sweet is a great blush that I think would be nice on any skin tone!

"Hot Flash" is a hot blush! The four blocks of color are light pink, a nude-y tan color, medium pink and bright hot pink. Swirled together, this blush is hot pink and it's gorgeous on my fair skin when used with a light hand. This one is really easy to over-do on my fair skin, though. The hot pink is deeply pigmented, and a little of this blush goes a long way. I think that this blush would be stunning on darker skin tones as well. I think this one might just be my favorite, since it's a bold statement on me.

As I said, all three blushes are powdery, but it's nothing I can't work with, especially considering the pigmentation on two of the three blushes, and the super adorably packaging. The brush that comes with the blushes is cute, but scratchy so it's not super for applying the blush. Still, it would work in a pinch if you don't have a blush brush already. It's size makes it a bit easier to pick up each separate color, too, if that is the look you are going for, rather than blending them all together the way that I like to wear them.

So overall, I do recommend these blushes. I like them a lot. If you want to get your hands on them run, don't walk to your local Walmart, where Hard Candy products are available exclusively. These will be off the shelf sometime in February, and they won't be back! Each blush costs just 6 dollars, and besides the three that I showed you today, there are two others. The other two are duos rather than quads like these, and I am hoping to add those to my collection as well, if I can get my hands on them before they are gone! 
L to R: Smooth Talker, Spicy & Sweet, Hot Flash

Do you own any of Hard Candy's products? Are there any on your wish list? Like I said, be sure to check out my Facebook page where you can see the full list of products that are going to be discontinued! And be on the lookout for new products from the Hard Candy line of cosmetics coming soon!

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Mystique Burba said...

I got Smooth Talker tonight and it turned out nice on my skin. Kind of natural compared to my numerous other blushes. I think I just might have to pick up the other two before they're completely gone!


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