A collective haul

Time for yet another haul! This time it's a bit of a collective haul. I've got 2 small orders from Elf to share with you, as well as a few things I picked up at walmart and Target over the weekend.

First, last week I got a small Elf order in. They had a deal where if you spent at least 15 dollars and used a coupon code you could get free shipping and a free gift. So I took advantage of it and ordered a few things from the essential line I have been wanting to try out!

I got the following:
Wet gloss lash and brow clear mascara ($1)
4 of the essential lipsticks in Nostalgic, Captivating, Flirtatious and Sociable ($1 each)
zip zapper ($1)
essential lip stain in Berry Blush ($2)
two of the duo cream shadows in eggplant and sugar cookie ($1 each)
a shimmering facial whip in lilac petal ($1)
all over color stick in pink lemonade ($1)
Studio tinted moisturizer in porcelain ($3)
I got the hypershine lip gloss in flirt as a free gift for referring 3 friends and I got the mineral powder brush as the free gift that came with the promotion.

Over the weekend I went to Target for cotton rounds and kleenex and of course, I am obsessed so I had to go down the cosmetics aisle. I had no intention of even looking at the Elf stuff and yet somehow I ended up buying a few things anyway.

I picked up the Elf studio 100 piece eyeshadow palette for $10. It's a great deal, and I can't wait to play with the different colors. i also picked up the 2 piece mineral foundation set in Fair ($5). Lastly I picked up a tube of the up and up natural glow lotion ($6). It's target's version of the Jergens natural glow lotion. I look forward to seeing how that works.

Also, over the weekend I went to walmart and got the hard Candy glamoflague heavy duty concealer in light ($6).

A few days after I put in the first Elf order, Elf ran a promotion where if you spent 20 dollars and used a coupon code you could get a mystery bag filled with 20 dollars worth of free products. I can never resist this type of promotion, and you can never have too many elf products as far as I am concerned, so I placed yet another order. That came in today!

First, the stuff I ordered:

Essential lip stain in Nude Nectar ($2)
Studio Matte Lip color in Natural and Praline ($3 each)
Studio make up mist and set spray ($3)
Studio flawless foundation in Sand ($6)
Essential all over cover stick in Ivory ($1)
Essential brightening eye color quads in punk funk and butternut ($1 each)

And now the items in my mystery bag. I was lucky, again, and managed to get all products that I did not already own, so yay for that!

I got the Studio glitter Gloss in golden glitz ($3 value)
the hypershine lip gloss in sugar plum ($1 Value)
essential 3-piece liquid eyeliner set (comes with liquid eyeliner in black, silver and brown) ($3)
Studio 32 piece eyeshadow palette in cool ($5)
mineral smudge brush ($5)
Studio single eyeshadow in Totally Teal ($3)

That's my haul! Be on the look out for more in depth posts on some of these products in the near future. If you would like to see swatches or reviews on anything specific please don't hesitate to leave me a comment below!


Valeria Alejo said...

Love it! I can't wait to get my mystery bag! (:

Anonymous said...

I love your elf haul! I just made my first order recently and got a ton of stuff...super impressed! I've been checking out some of your reviews too and love how thorough they are!! :)

Jessi said...

thank you Valerie and Stephanie!


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