Elf 32 piece eyeshadow palette: swatches and review

The 32 piece Eyeshadow palette is from Elf's Spring 2012 Collection. It is part of the Studio line of products. I got it in "cool" I received it as part of my free mystery bag, so I did not pay for it, but you can purchase this palette for $5 from eyeslipsface.com This palette features 32 eyeshadow in various shades of blues, greens, purples and some blacks, greys and whites.

First Impressions

My first impression of this product is a good one. I like the packaging. It's small and compact enough to be able to slip into a bag for travel. It is a fairly study palette for the price. It has white packaging with a clear sturdy lid. Inside, you get a decent sized mirror. This palette also comes with a double sided sponge tip applicator. (Which I removed- I do not use these!) The shadows are nice and blend-able, though they are powdery, so you have to be careful of fall out. Some of the different shades are very similar. for example, a few of the different purple shades look very similar when swatched. Overall, I think this is a nice palette and worth the very inexpensive price.


I swatched each of the colors by rows. I swatched on bare skin. I did not use a base or a primer. Each color is swiped only once.

row one: whites, blacks and greys with flash

no flash

row two: blues, with flash

no flash

row three: pinks and purples, with flash

no flash

row four: yellows and greens, with flash

no flash

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