Fall 2013 Nail Polish Picks

I feel like I just shared with you my summer picks (technically I did, I was wayyy late to that party) and here it is time to share with you all my fall polish picks. These are the polishes from my nail polish collection that I am most excited about wearing this fall. These are some pretty classic fall shades. I love dark, vampy shades in the fall as well as those sort of ugly pretty cement colors, and some darker glitters. So without furthur ado, let's get into it! You can check out my video if you want to hear more about these polishes!

OPI "Color so Hot it Berns"- This is a gorgeous true red that makes it one of those classic reds that are fantastic all year round, but I find myself wearing reds MUCH more often in the fall, of course into the winter/holiday season! "Color so Hot it Berns" is a polish that I currently only own in a mini size, but would love to have it in the full size at some point. The formula is good, the color is gorgeous! The only not so great thing is the price point. I really never like shelling out more than 5 bucks for a polish, and OPI's full size polishes run around 9 dollars. But this one is so pretty, it might just be worth the investment!

(swatch coming soon!)

Revlon Top Speed "Stormy"- This is one of those ugly pretty colors I was referring to. It's a gorgeous sort of  mushroom taupe-y color. Sort of the color of wet cement. I just love this sort of color in the fall. I feel like it's a great darker neutral! The formula on this polish is great! It applies easily, with no problems, is opaque in two coats and dries at top speed!

Sinful Colors Sinfulshine "Steel Reserve" This is a great dark steel gray polish that looks amazing on my skin tone! The sinfulshine polishes are amazing because they dry to a super shiny finish that just looks flawless! You don't even need a top coat! Of course, I always add one to keep my polish lasting a little longer, but you could totally skip that step. These polishes are super affordable, and available exclusively at walgreens, if I am not mistaken. They cost just $2.99!

Revlon "Scandalous"- This is one of my all time favorite polishes! It's a sheer black jelly base with large pieces of fuchsia glitter! This one was originally released under the name "Facets of Fuchsia" and it's just stunning. The base is a bit sheer, so I layer this one on top of a black polish for best results! The glitter in this one keeps it lasting AGES! It's a pain to get off the nail, but I don't mind because once I get it on I am never in a hurry to take it off!

(swatch coming soon)

Ulta "Material Girl" This is one of the newer polishes to my collection. I picked it up in a haul with about 7 other Ulta polishes back when they were on sale for just 2 bucks a piece. I am so glad I did because this is stunning. It's sort of a wine/berry shade with a TON of small holographic glitter in it that is just so pretty! I can't even tell you how much I adore this polish!

(swatch coming soon)

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear "Blue It" This is another super affordable polish that you NEED in you collection if you don't have it already. It's a darker blue, but it is also a bit bright, and it has sort of a metallic finish. Ok, yeah, I am terrible at describing colors, but I think the swatch speaks for itself. It's stunning, and a great fall polish on days when you want something less vampy, but still not too bright. This one is opaque in just one coat! Can't beat that!

(swatch coming soon)

E.L.F. "Copper" This is my favorite Elf polish. I love copper and bronze shades especially in the fall. It's that color of leaves turning color and it's a great polish for my skin tone. Elf's copper is a great formula and a great finish and the color is just right, in my opinion. I don't have anything else to say about it. I will just let the swatches speak for themselves!

China Glaze "Harvest Moon" is similar in color to Elf's Copper, but different enough that I felt it necessary to include this one as well, because it is so pretty! It's got tons of shimmer in it which makes it so beautiful. It's also a bit more bronze-y rather than copper. China Glaze makes some really amazing polishes, and I highly recommend you check them out if you haven't already. Especially this shade! It just screams FALL to me!

Rimmel London 60 Seconds "Sage all the Rage" I just did a nail of the day post on this polish. It's so pretty. I love a light, sage green, and this polish did not disappoint. I picked it up for just a dollar fifty, which is an amazing price. This polish dries super fast, and the color is just so pretty. I'd consider it a nice neutral for the fall time, because even though it's green, it's a pretty neutral shade of green and I feel like it would go with anything!

E.L.F."Chocolate" Beware of this polish because it will stain your nails if you are not careful and apply the proper base coat. But I think it's worth the risk because this beautiful, chocolate brown color is perfect for fall. It's a great alternative to black, in my opinion. Brown matches with everything, so it's a great neutral, but this deep chocolate shade isn't boring. I think it's so pretty. It dries to a nice shine, but I love adding a matte top coat to it because the color handles that finish so well.

Elf's chocolate topped with a matte top coat

OPI "Lincoln Park After Dark" This is such a cult classic color and is always included in people's fall polish picks, so I almost left it out, but I can't. It's the newest polish in my collection and I just love it. It's a so dark it's almost black purple that is just gorgeous. Purple is my favorite color, so of course, I would love this, and the dark dark nature of this makes this the perfect vampy autumn color! I haven't even worn this one yet and I already know it's going to be one of my all time fave polishes. OPI's formula is notoriously good and this color is just so "me"

(swatch coming soon)

Sinful Colors "Calypso" This might be my favorite out of all the polishes I have "picked" for fall. Seriously, if you only get one polish from this list, make it be Calypso! This color is a gorgeous, deep green that looks almost black in some lighting. It's so pretty. The formula on this polish is amazing. It is completely opaque in one coat, and this polish did not chip on me for 5 days! Not bad at all considering this polish will run you just $1.99! And I was lucky and caught it when it was on sale at walgreens for just 99 cents! Score!

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