Mani Monday: Fancy French

Good morning, friends, and welcome back to my blog for another mani monday post! This time, the theme is Fancy French! Would you believe I have never given myself a french manicure? I think it's a great, classic look, but something that I would get bored with pretty quickly. So rather than your average run of the mill french mani, I decided to throw in a little twist.

I started out by applying a coat of base coat. The base coat I am currently using is the Revlon quick dry base coat. It really does dry quick and protects my natural nails. Next, I applied two thin coats of the Nailtini polish in frappe. It's a gorgeous sheer nude color, that I thought would be perfect as a classic french manicure base color.

Then I dug out my stamping gear and got to work. I chose the bundle monster plate number BM17, which is a french tip plate. And I did the stamping using te wet n wild wild shine polish in black creme. I tried it using the wet n wild wild shine white polish first, but the white didn't show up against the super pale base color, so I went with black instead.

I chose the cute little checkerboard design, and stamped it as straight as possible. You can see in the photos of the finished product that it's not perfect. Stamping straight is tricky business. So it's a little crooked here and there and maybe a little smudged, but overall I am pleased with the finished look. Not bad for my second real stab at stamping! I am really loving it!

So there's my fancy french mani for you! I admit, it's not the prettiest french manicure ever, but it's a little different and I think the pattern reminds me of tire tracks, which is fun! haha. I wanted something different and I think I definitely achieved that. what do you think of this mani? Leave me a comment down below, or hit use my contact card below and get in touch! And don't forget to check out the mani monday's facebook page and take a look at all the other oh so talented nail artists!! www.facebook.com/manimondays


Lindsay said...

I love those tips... so cute!

Jaime Smith said...

Super cute! So jealous of your stamping. I am awful at stamping!

Anonymous said...

That is just too darn cute. I've never tried stamping, but then again I can't really polish my nails all that well anyway.

Lu said...

OOOH! This turned out SO cute!! Love it!!

Nail Polish Sleuth said...

Love the stamp tips...great idea!


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