Valentine's Day gift ideas for Men and Kids!

I am so sorry you guys! I meant to get this up sooner, and I just got totally swamped with other things. But, I managed to get it up before valentine's day and that counts for something right? haha

Today I am going to be sharing with you my ideas for valentine's day gifts for men as well as for kids!
I find men to be particularly hard to shop for. I think that women, in general, tend to be much easier to find gifts for. Men, or at least the man in my life, tend to be very simple, and not require a whole lot. Still, you want to show your man some appreciation on this special love filled day, right? Kids are generally pretty easy to shop for as well, but maybe you're just stumped as to what to get! Here are just a few simple ideas!

Cards and Candy
Men like to get cards and candy too! This is a pretty universal gift that works for just about everyone! Pick up a sweet card and write in a nice sentiment. Sure, not all men are super romantic, but that doesn't mean they won't appreciate the thought you put into the words on the page. And of course, men like candy, too! You can't go wrong with a classic chocolate bar. Or if the man in your life likes a specific candy, let's say he's a sour patch kids junkie, get him a bunch of those! You know best what he will like! And of course, kids love all sorts of candy. You can do chocolate for them too. But think outside the box, too! There are tons of super cute valentine's day themed candies. How about a cute pez despenser? Or some pink and red M&Ms?

Baked Goods and food
The way to a man's heart is his stomach! That's an expression for a reason. Men love to get food items as gifts! If your man has a sweet tooth, baked him up a batch of his favorite cookies or brownies. If he's more into savory treats why not bake him a fresh loaf of bread, or whip up a delicious dip for him to snack on with some chips? Chocolate covered pretzels are an awesome salty/sweet treat that everyone loves and it's super easy to make! Of course, if you aren't much of a chef or baker you can always purchase these goodies already pre made. He will never know the difference!

Kids love baked goods too! A Batch of cupcakes with red icing would be super cute! Make a bunch and send them to class with your child so they can share them with their class mates! Cookies are super easy and great for sharing, also!

Don't forget, you can always whip up a nice family friendly valentine's day meal at home that you can share with the men in your life. I, personally, am planning on making healthy low calorie heart shaped pizzas! Maybe I will include them in my next weigh in wednesday post, so you can see how they turned out! 

When you think of toys I am sure you assumed I meant for the kids, right? Well, I did, but men like toys too! Men are all really just children at heart, anyway! haha. Pick up a vintage toy that the man in your life will remember from his childhood. How cute would that be? And grab up a fun board game to play with the kids while you are at it!

Just like women, a great gift for men, or for kids is a DVD and a movie night! Pick a fun movie that you are sure they will like and wrap it up with a bag of popcorn, some sodas and a box of candy! That would be a super cute idea!

This one is not for the kids! haha. Grab a nice bottle of wine or your man's favorite liquor and share a valentine's day cocktail! It's a great gift you can both enjoy!!

Stuffed Animals
This one is more for the kids, but this could work for the man in your life too! Pick up a cute stuffed animal that your kids can sleep with and cuddle!

Men wear jewelry too! Pick out a nice bracelet or a nice watch for the man in your life.

What man doesn't like electronics? There are a ton of different gadgets out there these days. From phones, to computers to Ipods and Ipads. There are cameras of dozens of different varieties and GPS units. Tons of things you can choose from and you are sure to put a smile on his face when you pick just the right one! Kids like gadgets too, don't forget :)

So there are just a few quick ideas for gifts for the man in your life, whether he be your boyfriend, husband, father, brother...whoever. And don't forget to include the kids in your valentine's day plans! They feel the love too! Thanks for reading everyone! Hope this helped!! 

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