Another Haul (Part two) E.L.F.

So, as promised I am back with the second half of my rather ridiculously large haul. I received my shipment from E.L.F. at the end of last week. I got quite a few of their new products which I am really liking so far. But, this isn't a review, so I will give you my thoughts on the products in a separate post. For now, I will just show you the goods!

As you can see I got quite a few things. I purchased another wet gloss clear eyelash and brow gel. I repurchase this stuff everytime I run out. I picked up 6 of the new jumbo eyeshadow sticks. I got the colors Little Miss thing, French lace, Rock out, Bali bound, Turkish coffee and midnight rendezvous. I will go into more detail about the colors and everything in a separate post. I also got 5 of the new jumbo lip gloss sticks in the colors In the Nude, Summer Nights, Tiki Torches, Sangria Starters and Movie Star.I will do a separate post on those as well.

I have been wanting to try their essential custom eyes eyeshadows for quite some time,. You pay a dollar for each eyeshadows, and also a dollar for the compact to put them in, so I got a compact with 4 eyeshadows for 5 dollars. Not the best deal on elf, but these eyeshadows are great! I picked up the colors pink ice, moondust, taupe and purple. The eyeshadow in moondust arrived broken, so Elf is going to send me a replacement. Love their customer service.

Next up is just one nail polish. I didn't go crazy with their nail polishes since I just bought a bunch from walgreens, but I did pick up one in Cranberry. I also picked up the eyelid primer in golden, which was the only one I didn't have, so now I have all four of those.I got the brow comb/brush from the essential line. I think it's a handy item everyone should have. Also from the essential line I picked up another one of the waterproof eyeliner pens, this time in plum. And also the healthy glow bronzing powder in warm tan. I also got the individual eyelashes which I have been wanting to try forever because I am terrible at applying strip lashes.

Lastly, as if the jumbo lip gloss sticks weren't enough, I also picked up some more lip products. I got three more of the essential lipsticks, which means I now have them all, I believe. I got posh, fearless and fantasy. i also got two of the mineral lipsticks in runway pink and nicely nude. and finally, I got the last of the essential lip stains as well, in pink petal.

So that wraps up my haul. Hopefully that's the last products I will be buying for a while. Let me know if there are any specific products you want reviews on. Thanks for reading!

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