Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Polish in Golden Conduct Review

I decided to bring back my nail of the day posts! I feel like this gives me more of a chance to tell you all how I felt about each polish that I wear. I decided to start out with a nail polish that I really wanted to review for you. It's a Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Polish. I had been wanting to try out magnetic nail polish for a while, but it's so expensive! I didn't really want to shell out 10+ dollars on a nail polish that I wasn't sure I was going to love. I tend to prefer to spend under 5 dollars for nail polish! I love me a good value! So when I saw that Big Lots had this polish for under 2 dollars, I had to jump on it!

The Sally Hansen Magnetic nail polish features a round bottle, with an overcap that contains the magnet which features a cuticle guard. I really like that feature. It keeps the magnet, which has a wave-pattern, right with the nail polish. As someone who is famous for losing things, I really appreciate that. The actual color of the polish seems much more bronze than golden to me, and it has a nice bit of microshimmer in it.

The directions say to apply a base coat of the polish on all ten nails and then once it dries to apply a thick second coat of polish and then hover the magnet over the nail to create the pattern immediately afterwards, working one nail at a time. It seemed simple enough. However, it was harder than it sounded. Several times I got too close with the magnet and touched the wet polish with it, messing up the nail. And the pattern didn't turn out nearly as pronounced as I had expected. I am not sure if I didn't do a thick enough coat, or if I didn't hold the magnet close enough or what. But it wasn't what I expected. So overall, for my first time using this polish, I was honestly pretty disappointed. I like the finished look. It just turned out much more subtle than what I was hoping for. And the polish itself is thick and difficult to work with.

Overall, I am VERY glad that I did not pay full price for this polish. I would have been terribly disappointed if I paid 9 dollars for this. I am pleased with the results for the $1.60 I paid, though. I bought another shade, polar purple, at the same time, and I am anxious to see how that performs, as well as to try again with the process to see if it gets easier with practice.

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail polish in Golden Conduct
So my overall opinion is that, while I like the color, I was not overall pleased with the finished result, and while I will try it again to see if it works better, I was pretty disappointed with this and very glad I did not pay full price. have you tried the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail polish? What were your thoughts?

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