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I feel like I am making a lot of repetitive blog posts. But don't get bored with me yet. I've got a Make up tutorial post that I am working on that should be posted up in the next few days, and I've also got a product review, and a few other blog posts in the works. So be on the look out for those. Also, if you have any requests for blog posts, or you see a make up look featured on my blog and want a tutorial for it, just leave me a comment, and I would be happy to do any of the requests that i can. In the meantime, I've got another Face of the day, as well as my nail polish I am wearing today!

I'll start with my make up for today. I wanted to do a look on my eyes today that was a little bit more dramatic without being over the top. So I did what I like to call my mermaid eyes. A lot of greens, blues and purples, blended out to be soft and a lot of shimmer. I've just got a peachy colored gloss on my lips, from Forever 21. It cost me 1.50!

As for my nail polish, this time I went with a light baby blue color. I used NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel in the color 124 cashmere cream. I adore this color. I have to put on 3 coats to make it opaque, but the end result is gorgeous. Might not be the most fall appropriate color to some of you, but a I have said before, I think that nail polish is really season-less, and this color just made me feel happy.

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