My make up storage

Today I thought I would share with you what my makeup station looks like. I do my makeup every day in my bedroom. It's not good for make up to be stored in the bathroom. All the moisture from the shower can do a lot of damage. So, I've got everything set up on my dresser/side table. Here's what it looks like.

On the left side of my dresser, I have my two jewelry boxes. I just have them stacked to save space. On top of those is one of my many hairbrushes. I use this one to brush my hair back before I apply my make up. Next to my jewelry boxes, I just have my BH cosmetics palette, and a brush roll from coastal scents that I just recently got from my mom (an early Christmas gift- haul and review on these brushes coming soon!) In front of all that I just have a cloth that I spot clean my crushes on, some tissues, and a candle (It smells like black cherry!) In the center of my dresser I just have a box that contains cotton swabs and cotton balls.

On the right side of the dresser is where I keep most of my make up. I have a little tray that I got from the dollar store, and all of my make up is set up on it. This is temporary until I can figure out some sort of storage, but it looks cute for now. Behind the tray I have a cup full of all of my eyeliners and mascaras and that sort of thing, and also a cup with some of my everyday brushes in it. I also have my unicorn, which I love, and I've got some bracelets, watches and headbands hung on it, just to maximize space.

Next to my dresser I have a box full of other random goodies, and on top of that I have all the magazines that I use for inspiration for make up and hair looks. On top of those I keep my bin that houses all of my nail polish, polish remover, files, clippers, cuticle oils, etc. I also have some extra make up bags, and brush protectors back there as well.

On my bedside table, I just have all of my fragrances, lotions an creams. I don't have a ton of them, so this is a decent place to keep them. It's not an ideal situation, but it will work for now.

So as you can see I have a very limited collection of make up and beauty supplies. It all fits nicely in my bedroom, and while the set up isn't ideal, it works for me. As you can see I don't have a mirror yet. I'm still waiting on my hubby to attatch the mirror that goes with the dresser. We have it stored under the bed. I'm sure he'll get it up eventually. For now, I normally just use a hand held mirror. So that's it. What do you think?


Boarbb said...

Is that Victoria Secret Petal something? the body butter and the body lotion?:3 I used that one before!!I like the smell:)

Jessi said...

Actually the body butter and the large lotion is strawberries and champagne by victoria Secret, and the little bottle of lotion is I think called sweet daydream, or something like that. They both smell really good!


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