Another Haul

Are you getting tired of haul posts yet? Sorry. I have just been shopping like crazy, and since I love seeing other people's hauls, and I love sharing what I bought with people, these are my favorite types of posts to make. Plus, I really feel like it's helpful to people. If you see something yuou like, you know right where to get it. And if you want a review on something, you can easily see if I have that product or not. So I feel like it's win win win. But, if you get tired of these posts, let me know, and I will take a break from them for a while. I do have an order from Elf that's supposed to be coming in on Wednesday, so I will probably be posting another haul soon as well. I was going to wait until I got all the stuff and do one post, but I have had a couple of people tell me that they don't like it when my haul posts are super long, so I figured I would post one now, and another later in the week. Wow, that was a long run on sentence. Let's just get on with it, shall we?

Over the weekend, I did some shopping. The stores we made purchases from are the dollar tree, walmart and Kmart. Here's what I got!

Hopefully you will be able to get an idea from the picture. If you want close up or more detailed photos of anything, let me know. But I didn't want to take individual photos and have this post run on forever. lol.

So first we went to the dollar tree. From there I picked up a pack of cosmetic wedges, a shower cap (I like to use a shower cap because I only wash my hair every few days, but I shower daily), A couple of sets of Q-tips, cotton balls and cotton pads (these work great on my vanity), a microfiber towel that is supposed to be like the turby twist (I've always wanted to try one of these! haha), and I also picked up a couple of lip glosses. They are the Elf 2 in 1 conditioning lip gloss in plumtastic and golden.

Next, we went to kmart. I just picked up a couple things there. I got the Elf studio conditioning lip balm in Mellow Melon, and the Elf studio cream eyeliner in matallic olive. Each of these were on sale for $1.80, marked down from 3 dollars.

Lastly, we went to walmart. We picked up some household stuff there mostly, but I also picked up a couple of things that I can share here. I got two tank tops in cute patterns for $3.88 a piece. I also picked up the clean and clear deep action exfoliating scrub that I featured in my skin care routine post. I bought an eyeliner sharpener from the NYC brand for a dollar, because I needed one that would sharpen fatter pencils, and I gave my mom my elf one. Also, thought I would throw in the slipper socks that I got the last time we were at walmart. They are red and my husband says they are ugly as hell, but they are comfy and keep my feet warm when I am walking around the house.

So that's it. That's my haul! Hope you enjoyed!


Kristin Carpenter said...

I never get sick of your haul posts. I love checking out all the different stuff. I miss your outfit of the day posts. You should do those more as well.

Jessi said...

thanks Kristin! I will definitely be doing more outfit of the day posts as the weather continues to warm up. :)


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