My skincare routine

Lately I have been getting some questions about skin care products and what I recommend, so I thought I would share with you all my skin care routine. It's nothing at all fancy, or dermatologist recommended or anything, but it works for me. I should start out by saying that I have very dry skin that can tend to break out in times of stress. I am also very prone to blackheads on and around my nose.

I love the clean and clear brand of products. I get them at my local walmart and they are all relatively inexpensive. They work well for my needs, and don't tend to make my skin issues worse. Here's what I like to use.

For my daily face cleansing I use Clean and Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser for sensitive skin. It's a great basic cleanser that helps remove dirt and oils. It doesn't irritate my skin at all. This was pretty inexpensive. I think I paid right around 4-5 dollars for it. I use this every morning, and every night that I am not using another of my products.

Once or twice a week, depending on how often I feel like I need it, I wash my face in the evening with the Clean and Clear Deep Action exfoliating scrub. I just recently started using this and I love it. I find that If I don't exfoliate I get lots of patches of flaky skin around my nose and forehead, which often are made worse by applying foundation, which I wear on a pretty regular basis. Exfoliating a couple of times a week helps keep that at bay. I like this cleanser a lot. It works well for removing the flaky skin, without scratching or hurting my skin. It's got a bit of a weird smell, so if you are sensitive to smells, this one might not be for you. But I find it works great for me, and it was pretty inexpensive at right around 5 dollars.

Once a week, always at night and on an evening when I am not exfoliating, I use the Clean and Clear Advantage Blackhead Eraser Mask. You apply this to damp skin, give it about 10 minutes to dry and then rinse off. It helps to clear out my pores and leaves my skin feeling soft. I like this well enough. When it's gone I will probably try something else, but it works fine for now. I paid about 6 dollars for this, and I do find that it helps out with my blackheads. I would just like to try some other masks to see if there are any others I would like better.

I also like to use blackhead strips. I only use these a couple of times a month, if I find that I need them. I use the Meijer brand deep cleansing pore strips. These are very comparable to the biore pore strips, but much cheaper. A box of these cost me right around 5 dollars. It comes with 8 pore strips, which will usually last me about 6 months, since I don't use them very often. I find that these work great, but I wouldn't use them more frequently than a couple of times a month. They seem like they would be too harsh for more frequent use. They pull the blackheads from your pores, and can sometimes leave behind red marks where the strip was stuck. But they work wonders for me, because I have a lot of blackheads sometimes. I would recommend anyone who has trouble with blackheads give them a try.

And of course, every single day and night, no matter what products I have used on my face, I make sure to moisturize. Because I have super dry skin this is crucial for keeping dry flaky patches of skin at bay. Right now I am using the equate brand healthy Face lotion with SPF 15. I love this stuff. It's not at all greasy and it keeps my skin moisturized and even looking. I love the SPF factor because it's so important to protect your skin from the sun. It has a handy pump that has never given me any problems by clogging like some pumps can tend to do. Overall it's just a great inexpensive moisturizer. I also like to mix a little bit in with my foundation on days when I don't want full coverage, or on days when my skin is feeling extra dry.

So that's about it. That's what I do to keep my face looking great. If you have oily skin, these products may not work for you. I really don't know. I only have experience with dry to normal skin. But for the price, these products all work great and I highly recommend them!

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