Elf Matte Finisher Clear Nail Polish Review

Today I thought I would do a quick reivew on the matte top coat that I recently purchased from eyeslipsface.com. The idea behind this is, you can paint it over any nail polish and it mattifies the polish, removing the shine and leaving it with a flat look. I have always been intrigued by matte nail polish, but it seemed silly to start buying a bunch of different matte nail polishes, when this one top coat, providing it worked, would basically double my nail polish collection. So I decided to give it a try.

This works and leaves your nails feeling smooth and looking matte. It dries super fast. Sometimes it takes more than one coat to get the nail entirely matte, but i've not had to use more than two coats. It does not chip easily, and holds up well. The only negatives I can think of for this products are that the bottle is small. It's .35 oz.( An average Nail polish is .5 oz.) and it has a very strong smell. While you are applying this top coat, I suggest a well ventilated area, because the smel is quite strong, but it does fade, and I think it's worth it to get the matte nail look. Especially considering a bottle of this costs 2 dollars. It's a great deal- cheaper than any other matte top coat I have seen and definitely much more affordable than going out and buying several different matte nail polishes.

Elf Essential Matte Finisher Clear Nail Polish over Elf Nail polish ion Chocolate


Jeanne said...

I may have to invest in this.

Jessi said...

You should! It's definitely worth the 2 dollars. If you find you're not in love with the product, at least you didn't waste a bunch of money! That's what I love about Elf products!


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