Make up No Buy Challenge

I have challenged myself to a no buy. Basically that just means that for an allotted period of time, I am not allowed to purchase any make up or beauty products. I have decided that during the month of April I will not buy any beauty products, unless it's something I absolutely need (i.e. If I run out of all my foundation, or mascara, etc). I have just been buying a ton of make up lately, and this will give me a chance to shop my own collection a little bit, and give my wallet a break from all the spending.

Now, I just made an elf order this morning, so there will be a haul on that when it gets here. But other than that, you won't be seeing any new products from me until the first week of May! If I make it throughout the whole month, I may just reward myself and buy the urban decay naked palette I have been wanting!

I know it probably doesn't seem that hard, to go a month without any new make up products, but I am totally addicted to shopping and trying out new stuff. So this will be a big thing for me. haha. Wish me luck! I will keep you all updated on how I do!

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