My Favorite Crease Shadows!

Last time I showed you my favorite purple eye shadows since that's what I wear on my eyelids most frequently. I may revisit that and show you some of my other favorite lid colors at a later date. But, it was requested that I show some of my favorite crease shades, so I thought that today. 99 percent of the time, no matter what eye look I am doing, I reach for a brown eyeshadow for my crease color. And it's generally of these!

Elf Studio eyeshadow in Saddle. I love this color. It's a midtown brown that is perfect with neutral eyeshadow looks. This is also a color that works great all over the lids, all by itself. So pretty, and very build-able.

The crease shade from the walking on eggshells palette from wet n wild. This is probably my most reached for eyeshadow to put into my crease. It's so neutral. Matches with everything, is really easy to blend out. Gives just enough definition without being too light or too dark, so it's wearable for day or night.

Deep brown from the BH cosmetics 120 colors palette. This is a deeper almost chocolate brown that I love to use for smoky looks. It's great for nightwear. Very soft and blend- able. But it can also be blended out well and worn for day looks too. Very versatile

Lastly is Darkhorse by Urban Decay. This is a beautiful shimmery deep brown. It adds instant drama to any look I am trying to create. It gives a lot of definition and sparkle. I tend to use this one to darken up my crease, or outer corner and often I use it as a liner too. It's gorgeous!

Here's the swatches!

from left to right: Elf Saddle, Wet n Wild: Crease color from walking on eggshells palette, Deep Brown from the BH cosmetics 120 colors palette, urban Decay's Darkhorse.
The liners are Elf waterproof eyeliner pen in coffee(left), and Urban Decay 24/7 shadow pencil in rehab(right) and are there because I already had them on my arm from earlier was too lazy to wash them off haha. Bonus!

So there ya have it. What are your favorite crease shades? If you have any questions or requests, in he comments below and I would be happy to address them!

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