Nail of the day: Whimsical Savage

Sorry for the back to back NOTD posts. I really underestimated how busy I would be with summer upon us. I do have another high end vs drug store post coming soon, as well as a review on a hair product, so be on the look out for those soon. I was also thinking about doing a summer shoe post, so let me know down below if you would like to see that! Until then, here's my Nail of the day! It's so pretty!

Base Coat: none (I need your suggestions on a good inexpensive one. I really have had no luck with finding the perfect base coat. Help!)
nail polish: Sinful colors Savage, Revlon Whimsical (2 coats of savage with 2 thin coats of whimsical on top)
Top Coat: OPI rapidry top coat


Sara said...

Hey, it does look like a similar dupe, Custom Kicks is a bit greener but they are both really pretty colors! How do you like the formula of Sinful Colors? I've tried out a few polishes and they're usually hit or miss for me.

Thanks for commenting/viewing my blog! I like yours as well, even though we do have quite an age difference, I enjoy reading your posts :)

How funny we are using the same base coat! I don't have any other recommendations other than the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength base coat/nail strengthener as that one really keeps my nails strong.

Thanks again!

Jessi said...

yeah actually I would say that Savage has a bit more green in it in real life than it does in the picture. And even if the colors aren't exact, they are pretty close! Yay for inexpensive dupes!

I really enjoy the sinful colors brand. It's one of my favorite super inexpensive nail polish brands (I also love wet n wild, NYC and Elf- just to name a few). You're right, the formula can be a bit hit or miss, but I find a lot of times if I do my research and check out swatches and things online before I purchase, I am rarely disappointed. And even if a nail polish isn't exactly what I expected once I get it on the nail, the price is so low it's never really money wasted!


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