Summer Must Haves!

I wanted to do a fun summer themed post. Rather than do something that I have already done before, like a nail polish picks post, or something of the like, I decided to share with you all some of my favorite, must have summer products, items and accessories! I just thought this would be a fun little blog post. So without furthur ado, let's get started!

Must have summer hair products:

These are my go to hair products for summer. In the summertime, I don't tend to use a lot of heat on my hair. I spend a lot more time outdoors in the summer than I do any other time of the year, and the heat and the sun are enough stress on my hair, in my opinion. So I tend to do one of two things. Either I pull it back away from my face, or I scrunch my hair. When I am wearing it pulled back, or just natural, I add a bit of the L'oreal Eversleek Humidity Defying Leave in Creme to my damp hair to keep away the frizzies. This is a great creme, and it really helps to keep my hair from frizzing like crazy, especially when it's especially humid outside. When I am scrunching my hair, i've been using the Beyond the Zone Super Sexy Texture and distort wave spray.This stuff is so good. It gives my hair a ton of texture and makes it look super tousled and beach-like, while keeping the waves in place all day. It doesn't leave my hair feeling super crunchy and has a nice fruity smell.

And of course, sometimes I just cannot avoid using heat. When I am going for that super straight look, I just have to have the aid of my blow dryer and my flat iron. So when I do use heat, I want the style to last me for a couple of days. So I use my Suave dry shampoo to absorb any oil or dirt that builds up in my hair, and this allows me to go that extra day without washing! I love this dry shampoo. I like it more the more and more I use it. It's a definite must have for summer!

Must Have Summer Shoes!

I am such a shoes girl, and narrowing this list down was so so hard for me. I wanted to include every single pair of shoes that I own. But, I narrowed it down to just a select few.

Flip Flops- Pictured above are my purple Flip Flops that I purchased last summer at Old Navy for something like $2.50. The price was so good that I purchased them in other colors as well. I got them in yellow, green, pink and blue also. I wear them all constantly in the summer. Flip Flops are a definite must have for summertime for me!

Slip Ons- I love any type of shoe that I can just slip on and go. the ones I pictured above actually were purchased for me from a garage sale, and I was ecstatic when I was given them, because they are so cute! They are from the brand Airwalk, and the pink and white color motif just screams summer to me! I adore these. I have similar types of shoes in varying patterns and styles that I also wear a ton in the summer! So cute!

Sneakers- I don't wear a ton of sneakers. Especially in the summertime. Who wants their feet all closed off and sweating when you can throw on a cute pair of sandals so much easier. But when I must wear a shoe like this, I lie them to be the style pictured above. The ones in the photo are a Ked style sneaker (sort of, how would you describe these?) from Faded Glory. i picked these up from the men's shoe department at walmart last year sometime for around 11 dollars. These are so super comfortable, and I think they are adorable, and go with just everything.

Ballet Flats- I love ballet flats! I think that they are perfect for dressing up a super casual outfit, or dressing down a super fancy outfit. They are also so easy to just slip on as you're going out the door. The ones pictured above are a pair of blush colored patent flats I got at Target for under 15 dollars. These ones are super cute for a date night! I also have ballet flats in black as well as Red, and I think this is the type of shoe that never really goes out of style. I definitely intend to rock these all summer long, and want to add more to my shoe collection in the very near future!

Wedges- Lastly, I love, love, love wedges in the summer. I think these are the perfect summer shoe. When the rest are too casual, wedges are great to dress up an outfit, and add some height! They are so much more comfortable than heels or stilettos, but are still a dressier alternative than flats. They come in a variety of cute styles! The ones above are a pair of denim flats I purchased at Payless shoe source a year or two ago for around 25 dollars, if I am not mistaken. They have the cutest cork detail on the wedge itself. These aren't the most comfortable wedges in the world- there are definitely more comfortable options out there (look for a pair with a bit of a platform!) But this style of shoe is a definite must have for summer in my opinion!

Must Have Summer Accessories!

I tend to wear fairly simple outfits in the summertime. Usually just shorts and a T-shirt. I leave it to my accessories to jazz up the outfits. Here are some of my favorite accessories for Summer!

Hats- nothing is more attractive than a cute hat. Especially when it means that your face is protected from the hot sun! Nothing stops the summer fun faster than a sunburn, and exposing your skin to the harsh rays of the sun is so unhealthy. That's why I love this big floppy hat that I purchased a couple of months ago at Walmart. They have these type of hats absolutely everywhere. They come in so many styles and colors, there's really no excuse not to rock a super cute sun hat this summer! Hats like these are especially important for me, because, since I wear glasses, and absolutely cannot see without them, I cannot wear sunglasses, unless I buy the clip on style and I have NEVER found any cute clip on sunglasses (If you know of any PLEASE point me in that direction!) So a hat like this really helps protect my eyes from the sun!

Earrings- I tend to go for large or statement earrings in the summer. Whether my hair is pulled back from my face or left natural, I think that they draw attention and bring the eye up toward your face. Pictured above: Gold Hoops that I have had forever, not sure where they are from. Silver black and jade dreamcatcher earrings from Forever 21. When I am not wearing statement earrings, I like to go with studs in a bright color, so that they still catch the light and add a punch of color to any outfit. The ones above are, obviously, from forever 21. I got the whole pack for something like 3 dollars and 80 cents! Can't beat forever 21 for their inexpensive prices!

Bracelets- I don't wear a ton of necklaces in the summer. I feel like oftentimes, having something around my neck is just way too hot. That's why I love to rock a ton of bracelets in the hotter months. I love all kinds of bracelets, whether it be beaded bracelets, jelly bracelets, charm bracelets or bangles. I love stacking lots of different bracelets as well for a cool look! Pictured above are several bracelets from varying places including walmart, forever 21 and Target.


Lastly, but probably most importantly is SPF! Please, whenever you are going outside, remember to wear sunblock to protect your skin from the sun. In this day and age, knowing what we do about the damage the sun can cause to our health, there really is no excuse not to protect your skin to the best of your ability. Commonly missed areas of the body that you need to remember to hit with that SPF? Your scalp, if you aren't wearing a hat, the ears, and the back of the neck! Also, don't neglect your lips either! Lots of people remember their sunblock on their body and their face but neglect their lips! There are tons of Balms and Glosses out there with SPF (I love the maybelline baby lips!) so be sure to pick one up and reapply often!

Well, that's it for this round of summer must haves! I mayhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif come back to ya'll with another post similar to this featuring my must have fragrances and Body products for summer as well, so if you are interested in seeing that, please leave me a comment below letting me know! Also, share with me some of your must have summer items! Don't forget to follow this blog, too, if you aren't already! There's always new and fin posts going up! You can also like the budget beauty facebook page, and follow budget beauty on Tumblr!

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