Easiest Breakfast Burritos

If you follow me on instagram you might notice that I have been making a LOT of breakfast burritos. And I'll tell you why. They are super easy, relatively affordable to make, and my kids LOVE them! I have been making them in batches just about every weekend for the last month. I skipped last weekend because I figured my boys were getting tired of them. Nope! Even though they also really love the egg cups I made, they really missed the burritos. So I made them again this weekend, and I thought I'd share the recipe.

I make a batch of about 20 burritos. I use the fajita sized tortillas because that tends to be what I can get on sale, and also because I like these burritos to be on the small side. Perfect for child sized hands and portion control. You can use whatever sized tortillas you want, but just keep in mind that the larger your tortillas, the less burritos you will get out of them.

1/2 stick butter
one pound ground breakfast sausage
one-two cups of shredded cheddar cheese
One dozen large eggs
about 20 fajita size tortillas

I start out by putting half a stick of butter into a 13X9 baking dish and putting it inside a cold oven, and then setting the oven to 400 degrees. The butter will melt while the oven preheats. Just keep an eye on it and pull it out once it's all melted. Make sure not to let the butter burn!

While the butter is melting scramble a dozen eggs together with 1 cup of milk. Once the butter in your dish is completely melted, add the egg mixture and slide it carefully into the oven. Don't spill! Set a timer for 8 minutes.

While your eggs are in the oven, you can cook up your sausage. I like to use a pound of country sausage. Just crumble it up and cook it through.

When the 8 minutes is up, use a spatula to stir around your egg mixture You will notice that it's just starting to cook and set up around the sides. Give it a stir and put it back in the oven for another 8 minutes.

Gather up any other ingredients you want to put into your burritos. We keep it simple here. Just cheese and sausage. But you could add onion, salsa, tomatoes anything you want. Just make sure all of your fillings are precooked.

When your timer goes off, pull out your eggs. They should be pretty much set up now. Stir them up and now is the time to add in your fillings. Toss in your sausage and about a cup and a half of shredded cheddar (more or less is fine, whatever you like!) Mix everything together and return your pan to the oven for another few minutes to melt your cheese.

While your dish is in the oven for those last few minutes, get your tortillas, wrap them in a paper towel and heat them in the microwave for about a minute. You want them warm because they will be easier to work with. I usually take this time to set up a little mini burrito rolling station as well. I put a piece of parchment paper down on my counter, or table, and set up my warmed tortillas, as well as the burrito filling when it comes out of the oven.

All that's left now it to roll your burritos up. One by one place your warmed tortillas down on your parchment paper. Add your filling. You can make these as full as you want. I tend to not overstuff mine because I want them to roll nicely without tearing.

Now just roll. Tuck the two sides in, and roll the burrito up. I like to press down gently on the burrito once it's rolled to make sure all of the filling is evenly distributed. I usually get about 20 small burritos out of my filling. You will get more or less depending on how full you fill your burritos, how large your eggs are and how much of your other ingredients you used.

Now you're ready to enjoy nice gooey breakfast burritos. Or you can do what I do and freeze them so they're available for your kids to eat whenever they want. The trick to freezing your burritos without them getting slimy or limp is to make sure that the burritos cool completely before you wrap them. If they are warm when you wrap them they will create steam and moisture and that lends itself to a not so delicious texture. So make sure to cool completely, then simply wrap each burrito in saran wrap, and them transfer all the burritos into a single layer in a gallon sized freezer bar. Lay flat to freeze. I can't tell you how long these will keep in the freezer, because they tend to get inhaled over the course of a week or two in my family. When you're ready to reheat just pop the burrito, saran wrap and all, into the microwave and cook at 30 second intervals until the filling is warmed through.

There ya have it. Super easy breakfast burritos made in large quantities. Perfect for a party like a big family brunch, or in my case, for feeding very hungry boys! I hope you found this helpful! Enjoy!

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