E.L.F. brush review

I posted earlier in the week about the elf brushes my husband picked up for me. I've been using them for about a week now, so I thought I would do a quick review.

elf foundation brush: I should start this part of the review by saying that I really don't like to apply my foundation with this type of brush. If I use a brush at all, I like to use a stippling brush and buff the foundation into my skin. Most often I apply my foundation with my fingers, just because it's the quickest way and it's easiest to blend that way as well. But, when hubby brought home the e.l.f. foundation brush I thought I would give it a try. I've used this one for a week now, and it's not my favorite. It's not dense enough, in my opinion, and doesn't blend as easily as I would like. It tends to leave the foundation looking streaky. I have found a use for it, however. This brush is perfect for applying face masks and creams and the like. It's soft, and does not shed. So while it's not the best brush in the world for foundation, I would definitely repurchase it for moisturizing and face masks and the like.

elf total face brush- I really like this brush. It's soft, and plenty dense, and I love the red bristles. It does shed a bit, but I expected as much for a dollar. I use this brush everyday to apply my NYC translucent powder. It picks up just enough product, and applies it perfectly. I have washed this a couple of times, and I was worried that it might fall apart or flatten out, but it hasn't. It's a great powder brush in my opinion.

elf defining eye brush- I don't love this brush but I don't hate it either. It's not as soft as the others, which I guess could be a good thing depending on what you wanted to use it for. I have tried using this as a crease brush, but the angle makes that difficult, and the brush head really isn't big enough for that. It's too big for lining the eyes with, and it's awkward as a brow brush. The one use that I have found for this, is to apply my highlight on my brow bone. It works good for that. I probably wouldn't repurchase this one, simply because the eyeshadow brush works just fine for what I would use this one for.

elf eyeshadow brush- this is my favorite of all the brushes I have by elf, but it took me a while to get there. The first time I used it, I almost threw it away. The brush was shedding like crazy, and the bristles from it kept getting in my eye. But, after I washed this brush, the shedding stopped, and now it's an amazing brush. It's the perfect size, shape and density for applying all over color on the lid. It's very soft, and not scratchy at all. The brush has held up through multiple washings. I would definitely recommend this brush to anyone. It's the perfect little shadow brush, and for a dollar, you really can't beat it. Just be careful of the initial shedding.

So overall, I would say that the elf brushes are hit or miss. Some of them are great, others not so much. But for a dollar it's really worth checking them out. You might find that you absolutely love these products. It's all about what will work for you. For me, the eyeshadow brush and the total face brush are definitely worth much more than a dollar, in my opinion, and while the other two weren't a home run for me, I still think they are good quality for the money!

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