Lush Haul and Review

I have been lusting over Lush products online for months now. All of their bath products looked so awesome, but they are a bit pricey, and I do not have a lush store close to me, so I could never check out their products in store, which is why I haven't made any purchases up until now. I finally bit the bullet and ordered online after doing some research and deciding what I wanted. I wanted to buy about 25 different products, but I limited myself and purchased one little gift set to try. I went for the Blooming Beautful wrapped Gift. It comes with 2 different products. For around 12 dollars you get a 3.1 oz pink bath bomb and a 3.5 pop in the bath bubble bar. Both of these come wrapped up in a cute little box. . Shipping took about 5 days, so not bad at all, and was reasonably priced (but I can't remember exactly how much!) I was so excited when the order came in the mail

what the package looked like all gift wrapped.


inside the box. The products were packaged with some brightly colored foam peanuts.

drop in the bath bubble Bar

pink Bath Bomb

Okay, so now that you see the products that I got, I thought I would tell you what I think of the bath bomb. I haven't used the bubble bar yet, but I used the Bath bomb the same day I got the package I was so excited. The bath bomb is so cool. You drop it in the bath water and it fizzes and dissolves. This particular bath bomb turned the water pink and was full of heart shaped confetti. It has a very mild smell that I really enjoyed and After my bath my skin felt so soft and moistured. I would definitely re-purchase this one. In fact, I think that this would make a great valentine's Day Gift! I just love what it did to my bath water.

So that's it! Have you tried lush products before? What would you recommend I try next? Leave a comment below and let me know

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