Outfit of the day!

It was requested that I do more outfit of the day posts. Since it's absolutely beautiful outside (60 degrees) and I am actually leaving the house today I thought today would be a good day to post! So here goes!

Sorry about the bad picture. I had to take it myself, and apparently I fail at that. Ignore the mess in the background!

What I am wearing:
shirt- spaghetti strap tank from walmart (from the junior department@ I paid 3.88 for it!)
jeans- medium wash jeans from either target or walmart- I can't remember which!
cardigan- was given to me by a friend

The details

My shoes are from walmart. They're mens. I love them: so cute and so comfy!

The bag I am wearing is from musthavebag.com it's a tano boogie bucket in the color atlantis. I got it last year.

My bow bracelet is from forever 21. The purple bracelet is a gift from my cousin and I wear it all the time! (ignore the random swatches on my hand. i ALWAYS have swatches on my hand lol)

I forgot to get a good picture of my necklace, but it's just a birthstone necklace I got as a christmas gift a couple years ago. I haven't painted my nails yet, but I think I am going to go with a pastel purple in honor of this spring-like day.

And lastly, here's a head shot to make up for the headless photo above. haha. Have a great day everyone!

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