What a waste! Depotting L'oreal De-crease

I've read, in the past, about how much product often gets wasted or thrown away because the packaging design on some products leaves product out of reach. I've especially heard this about eyelid primers that come in a tube with a doe foot applicator. So when I noticed that my l'oreal de-crease eyelid primer seemed empty, I decided to cut it open and get whatever product might be left in the tube. I figured i'd get my money's worth, since I paid around 6 or 7 dollars for it. Well, when I cut it open, I could not believe how much product was left! The tube was still half full! The product was empty from the middle of the tube, but all around the sides of the tube was still full of product. Had I known in advance just how much product I was going to get I would have planned better. I would have planned this blog post a little better and I also would have had a container on hand to put all the product in. I expected to only get one or two uses out of what would be left in the tube. Instead, when I cut it open, this is what I saw:

I know it's not a great photo. Like I said, I wasn't planning this blog post when I cut into the thing. Do you see how much product still remains around the edges of the tube? Here's what I came up with after scraping all of it out. (It was a messy job!)

Again sorry for the lousy picture. But do you see? Look at how much product I would have just thrown away, if I hadn't cut open the tube! This product, like I said, cost me around 6 or 7 dollars. Can you imagine how much money people basically just throw away with this product? And this isn't the only product designed like this! Urban Decay Primer Potion was in the same type of packaging. So many people complained about it that they re-designed the package. But, that eyelid primer cost double what I paid for the l'oreal de-crease. Can you imagine how much money was just thrown away before they changed the packaging? And how much money has just been thrown away with shampoo bottles that appear empty but still have plenty of product left in the corners, just out of reach? Or even tubes of toothpaste where that last drop won't come out of the tube?

I am definitely going to start cutting open the packaging for products that I have "used up" and get that last little drop. Get my money's worth! And I bet, after reading this post, and seeing how much product I would have wasted, I hope you will do the same!

*Instructions for depotting this product probably are pretty self explanatory, but just in case. First, using a very sharp knife, I very carefully cut the tube using a sawing motion. When I was half way through, I was able to pop it open with my hands. Then, using the applicator that came with it, I scraped all of the product out into a sanitized container. I would suggest using something like an empty lip gloss tub or anything that can be closed up, preferably something air tight, to keep the product from drying out. Since I did not anticipate having so much product left over, I didn't have anything on hand and had to improvise. (I used a bottle cap!) Next time I will be more prepared.


Jeanne said...

Ya I've cut open some stuff knowing there was product inside. There are tons of products we probably waste because we can't get in them like mascara! I'll be cutting open a lot more in the future.

Jessi said...

mascara is the worst. I swear between the packaging and the fact that you're supposed to stop using a mascara after 3 month, I probably throw away more mascara than I use.

Anonymous said...

nice opinion.. thanks for sharing..


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