Last cosmetics haul for a while!

This is going to be my last cosmetics haul post for a while. I purchase a lot of make up. I do it because I love it, but also because I like to get things so that I can review them for you guys. But, I have decided I need to use up some of the products I already own, and catch up on review posts, before I buy anymore. So unless there is a huge sale that I cannot resist, I won't be purchasing anymore cosmetics for a while. But there will still be haul posts occassionally. After all, if I am not spending as much on cosmetics, that leaves more money to shop for clothes and shoes and accessories! haha, I am such a shopaholic, I admit it!

Ok, so here are the latest items I ordered from eyeslipsface.com They had a sale where all of their best selling products were half off. So all of the items I purchased were 50 cents, except for the face primer, which was 3 dollars

I picked up:
mineral infused face primer
brightening eye color in pretty 'n pink
brightening eye color in Ivy
brightening eye color in blue moon
brightening eye color in brownstone
brightening eye color in ethereal
brightening eye color in rocker
brightening eye color in ocean dreams
all over color stick in golden peach
all over color stick in toasted
all over color stick in lilac petal
(I also ordered the all over color stick inspotlight, but they were out of stock)
luscious liquid lipstick in ruby slipper
luscious liquid lipstick in bark
luscious liquid lipstick in nude pink

I also picked up a few other items that I totally forgot to photograph. I got them at target. I got another mechanical eyelash curler, because my original one broke. I also got the studio matte lip color in nearly nude. And I got the shimmer eyeliner pencil in grassy green.

So that completes my haul! Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!

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