(More) Elf essential lip stain swatches and review

My most viewed blog post is the blog post I did on the Elf essential lip stains. Of course, at the time that I wrote that post, I only actually owned one of the lip stains. The lip stain in Crimson Crush. I figure since it is a post that gets searched for and viewed quite often, people are obviously curious about these stains, and since I now own a couple more, i thought I would re-visit these, show swatches of the other two lip stains I now own, and give my review on how this product has held up over the last couple months!

My original review was on the Elf essential lip stain in Crimson Crush. Before I go into the swatches of the other colors, I thought I would tell you that I have owned this lip stain for about 4 months now, and I still really enjoy it. It has not dried out at all, and still applies beautifully. Now that I have gotten used to applying a lip stain, I have no problems whatsoever with this one! The red color is flattering on my skin tone and beautiful for a night on the town. I showed what this color looks like on my lips in my previous blog post, but just in case you missed that one, here it is...

Another of the lip stains that I picked up is the lip stain in Nude Nectar. I really enjoy the color of this one. It's a very neutral light wash of color on the lips. It adds just a bit of pink tone, and it's really beautiful. It's definitely the most neutral of the lip stains.

The lip stain in Berry Blush is a rally pretty deep berry colored stain, and is my favorite of the three that I own. It's very flattering, and applies very evenly. Not patchy at all, like I found Crimson Crush to be. It's a deeper shade than Nude Nectar, and very eye catching. I really enjoy this color.

All three of the lip stains I own last about 4 hours before they need to be reapplied. They do not transfer or smudge, but rather fade away as time goes by. They are all a tad bit drying, but that is to be expected from this marker style lip stain, and a little bit of gloss or balm on top takes care of that. For the price- $2, you really can't beat these lip stains. The only thing I wish is that they came in a wider variety of shades. They currently only come in 4 colors, the three that I own, and a fourth one- a bubble gum pink color, which I haven't had the chance to try yet. I am anxious to see if Elf comes out with more colors over time. And if/when they do, you can bet I will be firest in line to buy them! Here's a few more photos.

top to bottom: Crimson Crush, Berry Blush, Nude Nectar

swatches top to bottom: Nude Nectar, Crimson Crush, Berry Blush

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and found it helpful. I highly recommend you try out these lip stains for yourself. If you have tried them out already, leave me a comment letting me know which one is your favorite. Haven't tried them yet? Comment below and let me know which color you want to try!


Anonymous said...

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Carla N. said...

I got Crimson Crush just today, and it is wonderful, especially for a measly $2!

It is, on NW15 me, a very deep red,comparable to MAC Russian Red lipstick, only in stain form.

It feels a bit dry, but that's the nature of the beast, and a little balm fixes that, without compromising the longevity of the color.

What a great find!


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