Elf essential lipstain review

I should start by saying that I did not break my "no buy challenge" for April to get this. My mom actually purchased this lip stain and did not like the color so she gave it to me, and I was so excited, because I have been wanting to try Elf's new lip stains, but I was waiting for April to finally be over so I could purchase them!

Elf Essential Lip Stain

Shades I own: Crimson Crush
Price: Essential line, $2
When Elf came out with their newest products for the essential line, they raised the price, and so this lip stain costs $2 rather than the usual 1 dollar. This lip stain comes in a marker style packaging. The color is called crimson crush, which is a red color. It was a bit difficult to apply, but perhaps that is because this was my first ever experience with a lip stain. I am sure that with practice, it would become easier, but I had a hard time getting the color to appear even on my lips, so I had to do multiple coats. I am not entirely sure I love the color on my skin tone, but it is very pigmented, and dries down almost immediately. The color does indeed stain the lips. It doesn't transfer from the lips. (I did the kiss test on my husband!) There is no smell or taste to this product. The lasting power is not as great as what I expected. Since it's a lip stain, I expected it to stain my lips and last all day. As I said, it does not transfer, or rub off, but it does fade. The color lasted about 3 hours on me. I did eat and drink during those three hours, though. The pictures below demonstrate what the stain looked like when first applied, and then again after three hours. Overall I did like the product. It's nice that it did not rub off or transfer to my mug. I like the price, I think 2 dollars for a lip stain is great. I didn't like the fact that it didn't last on me, though. I will try the other colors and see if they look better on me, and compare their lasting power. Overall I give this product 3 out of 5 stars.

Color when first applied

color after 3 hours, which included eating and drinking!


Anonymous said...

Actually, I think this color looks great on you!

Melissa Renee said...

I agree with Anon.! It's certainly bright, but looks really nice. I'm about to dive into my first ELF purchase, and to begin I've collected 26 products. I have such trouble narrowing the list down!

Jessi said...

Thank you! Elf products are great and you really can't go wrong! The prices are already great, but if you are purchasing from them online, there are always great coupon codes going on!


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