December 2012 IPSY bag!

Hi guys! Today I am going to share with you what I got in my December 2012 Ipsy bag. If you aren't familiar with Ipsy, it's a monthly subscription plan that you can sign up for. It costs 10 dollars a month, and each month you get a bag filled with 4-5 full size or deulxe sample size beauty products. It could be makeup, haircare or skincare from what I understand. Or a mix of both. I just signed p at the beginning of December and was thrilled to see the pretty pink bubble mailer show up in my mail box yesterday. And even more excited when I pulled out the beautiful grey satin makeup bag with it's adorable pink lining. The company name, ipsy is also on the lining of the bag.

Then I moved on to what was inside the bag. It's a great bag this month! It contained 3 full size products and 2 deluxe sample sized products. All of which were makeup items. It also came with a 20 dollars off of the ipsy line of shoes and accessories from justfab.com which is pretty exciting.

The bag contained a full sized mirabella eye and face primer, a be a bombshell lip gloss in the shade hot mess, which was also full size. The third full size product is the Nyx ulra pearl mania loose eyeshadow in Charcoal Pearl. I also got a deluxe sample size of the mai couture highlighter paper. This came with 35 sheets of highlighter paper and if I am not mistaken the full size of this product contains 50 sheets. The last item is a travel size Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil in zero.

I am so excited to try all of these products! The mirabella face/eye primer really intrigues me. I have never had a primer that I could use both under my eyeshadow and under my foundation before, and I am interested to see how that will work out. Hopefully I love it because it's a full size product and it's quite a lot of product to get through! Plus, I looked it up and this product retails for a whopping 29 dollars. So with the first product my bag has already more than paid for itself!

Be a bombshell is a cosmetics company that I have never even heard of but I am loving the look of this red lip gloss! It's so pretty. And as you all know I have been on a Red lips kick lately, so one more red lip product is always a good thing in my opinion!And at 14 dollars each, I never would have purchased this gloss for myself, so I am glad it came in my bag so I can try it out!

Nyx is a brand that I have heard a ton about on youtube but suprisingly enough have never had the opportunity to try, so I am totally excited to have a product from this line! Loose eyeshadows are not usually my favorite since they tend to be messy to apply, but the charcoal color of this one looks like it would be pretty with a smokey eye, so I will give it a try. This product retails for $3 so it's not the most expensive item in the bag by far. But I am still very glad to have it to try out!

Mai Cotoure highlighter paper.  What a unique concept! This is a highlighter for your face, but rather than being a powder or liquid form like I am used to, the product is contained on a sheet similar to a blotting paper. I guess you just pat and rub the sheet wherever you want the product to go! I am interested to see how this works! The full size of this product costs 28 dollars! That is for 50 sheets. My deluxe sized sample contains 25 sheets, so this is a 14 dollar value! This bag is awesome so far considering it only cost me 10 dollars! I've definitely gotten my money's worth and then some, as long as I like and use even one or two of these products!

And last but definitely not least we have the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on eyeliner pencil in Zero. I LOVE the Urban Decay eyeliner pencils. I already have quite a few of them. All of the ones I own are travel size that I have gotten with palettes or else in a set. And this one, too, seems to be a travel size. I don't actually have the one in zero yet (It's black, but not quite as dark black as their pencil in perversion which I also own) so it was great that I got one I haven't tried yet! I am excited! The full size of this eyeliner pencil is 19 dollars on urban decay's website. I am not sure if you can buy these travel sized ones individually or not. But i'd say it's around an 8 dollar value.

mai couture highlighter, be a bombshell lip gloss in hot mess, urban decay eyeliner in zero and nyx charcoal pearl eyeshadow
So adding everything up, I got about 68 dollars worth of products, all for 10 dollars. Plus, I also got the 20 dollar off coupon, should I decide to use that. And a super cute little cosmetics bag to boot! All in all I think that this Ipsy subscription is a fantastic value. Are you interested in getting your own Ipsy bag every month? You can sign up for a subscription at http://www.ipsy.com/  I think it's a great value and an awesome way to try out a variety of products that you maybe wouldn't normally buy for yourself!

So, so far I highly recommend ipsy! I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and I will talk to you all soon!

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Gen Ole said...

I loved my IPSY bag too. I am def glad they decided to come to Canada :)



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