Suave Professionals Waterless Foam Shampoo review

Hey guys! So today I have a review of the Suave professionals waterless foam shampoo for you!

If any of you have been reading my blog for a while you know that I have gone on a bit of a journey trying to find a good, affordable dry shampoo. I tend to only wash my hair about twice a week. I find that that is what works best with my hair's texture. I have pretty thick, dry hair that is prone to frizzing. It has a bit of a natural wave to it and holds curl very well. My hair is just easiest to style a day or two after washing. And since I don't have a particularly oily scalp or anything, I can get away with washing less frequently than every day. But after three days my scalp does tend to get a little oily, and it makes my hair weighed down and lifeless looking. And that's when dry shampoo comes in handy. I can liven up my 'do without having to wash and deal with the super frizzy crazy just washed hair syndrome. So I have tried a lot of dry shampoos, but when I came across the Suave waterless foam shampoo I was intrigued. This product is a foam that is meant to be applied to dry hair. You work it into your hair and then towel off any excess product, and this is supposed to help remove the oils from your hair leaving your hair fresh and smelling good.

Since my current favorite dry shampoo comes from suave, I was anxious to try this new product. I thought it might be a nice alternative to the spray type of dry shampoo I currently use. So I picked it up, and took it home and gave it a shot. I gotta say, I really like this product! I wasn't expecting much from it to be honest. The dry shampoo from suave that you spray on is much quicker and easier to use, but this waterless foam shampoo is really nice. It gives a deeper "clean" than the dry shampoo. I feel like it revitalizes my hair and makes it look healthy. It smells really, really good, and while it does weigh my hair down a little bit, it's nothing that I can't deal with.

So overall, I really like this product. It's great when I want the look and smell of washed hair without the hassle of washing and drying and styling. It revitalized my waves or curls when i am wearing my hair in that manner, and it's a great alternative to dry shampoo, in my opinion. I do recommend this product!

I hope you found this review helpful! Have you tried out this product? Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of it. xoxo Thanks for reading!

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