Advent Calendar Nail Art Challenge Day 12: Family

Two manicures in one day? That's how you play catch up on a nail art challenge! Today's theme is family, and I racked my brain trying to figure out a cute design to go with that theme, and I was stumped. So, I decided to include my family in the nail art process today. I let my two sons each pick out a nail polish to use in my manicure. They actually made it quite easy on me, as the polishes they picked matched well, and one of them was a glitter top coat so I didn't even need to do any real art!

My oldest son chose the base color. It's Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Polish in the color Golden Conduct. I am honestly not crazy about the whole magnetic nail trend but I do have multiple magnetic polishes and I generally just use them as regular nail polish like I did here. My youngest son chose the Elf mini polish in Gold Star which is just a chunky gold glitter in a clear base, so I slapped that on top of Golden Conduct and called it a day. I actually quite like this combination! Don't you?

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