Julep Joanna and Zoya Monet

Hey guys! I've got more nail polish goodness to share with you today. This time, a quick Review on Julep's Joanna and Zoya's Monet. I wore the two together for a fun manicure so I thought I would share it with you.

With Flash

no flash
Julep describes Joanna as a lilac frost. I sort of agree with that description. It is a lilac shade but it has a dusty sort of grey undertone that sets it apart from other lilac polishes in my collection. Neither of my photos represents the true color of this polish, though it's closer to the second photo- the one with no flash. It's truly a unique color- I don't have anything in my collection quite like it. And while it is a frost it's not super frosty, so I find it to be quite wearable.Application was pretty standard for Julep polishes. The brush on Julep's polishes are quite long, owing to the unique bottle shape, and so often, if you're not careful, the nail polish can drip down off the wand onto the brush causing the flooding of cuticles, or just too much polish. But if you're careful, it applies quite nicely. I didn't find it gloopy or streaky, and this polish didn't show brush marks like frosts often do.

To add a little something to this manicure, I opted to apply Zoya's Monet to my ring finger and thumb for some pretty accent nails. Zoya describes monet as a multi-colored cellophane holographic special effects topper. It's a very pretty polish. I found that the base that the glitter was suspended in was quite thick, so it wasn't the easiest polish to work with. I did have to dab a bit to get the glitter exactly where I wanted it. But this polish is just gorgeous. It reminds me that easter grass you get in an easter basket. Just beautiful, and worth the little bit of extra work in my opinion.

So there ya have it! Hope you enjoyed and found this helpful. I'll be back with more manis soon, I am sure!

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