E.L.F. Brightening Eye Color Quads: Review and Swatches

Some products that I have had in my makeup collection for a really long time, but have never really talked to you guys about in too much detail before are the brightening eye color quads from eyes lips face. I thought I would go through each of them individually with you, tell you what I like about them and whether I would recommend them, as well as show you swatches. So hopefully you find this helpful!

So each of these quads comes with 4 triangle shaped eye shadows. The packaging is pretty basic. Just a plastic palette with a clear lid. One of the things I dislike about these quads is that the pans are quite small and shaped in such a way that it is difficult to get a brush in the pan, especially a big fluffy crease brush. Each quad comes with a tiny little mirror inside, which is pretty much useless, as well an eye shadow applicator that is a bit flimsy and again, is pretty much useless. These eye shadow palettes are available for purchase from eyeslipsface.com for just one dollar. Not all of these shades are still available, however. It seems they might be phasing these out, so if you are interested in trying them I would snatch them up asap!

Blue Moon

This quad contains a nice selection of colors that look great in the pan and overall perform decent on the skin. There's an extremely chalky and patchy beige shade that blends away to nothing, so it's pretty pointless.But the rest of the shades are okay.  There's a mid toned, cooler toned brown which is actually quite nice. And there's a navy blue which is very soft and decently pigmented. Overall I would recommend this one as it's one of the nicer quads in this collection.


Brownstone is a quad with cooler toned neutral shades. A good basic palette for someone just starting out with makeup. It contains a cream colored shade with silver shimmer, a light brown, a mid-toned brown and a deeper grey toned brown shade. The quality on these ;particular shades is pretty decent. The shadows have decent pigmentation and with the exception of the cream colored shade there's not a lot of fall out. The deep grey toned brown in particular is very nice and blend-able and the color is gorgeous. This one I would recommend.

Day to Night

This quad is one of the better ones in my opinion. I feel like the shades are all pretty cohesive and you can create a nice look with this one. There's a neutral cream shade that is actually quite nice quality. A plum shade with nice pigmentation. a slate grey that I wish was more pigmented but it's quite pretty over a creamy base. And the star of this quad is a bronze-y shade which is incredibly creamy, easy to blend and has a gorgeous metallic look to it. I would recommend this one!


Drama is a quad that would, conceivably make for a good smokey eye. It contains a matte white shade, a shimmery slate grey, a matte black and a shimmery silver. While these are great basic colors to have for a classic smokey eye, the pigmentation on the matte shades is lacking. They are a bit chalky and hard to blend. And the shimmery shades have quite a bit of fall out. These are also not quite as pigmented as I would like. This is a decent quality quad but overall not as nice as I would have hoped.


This is a very disappointing quad. I feel like I threw my dollar away on this one. The four shade look quite nice in the pan. There's a pale pistachio green. A deeper forest green, a beige and a light brown, but none of these shadows show up on my skin whatsoever. There is zero pigmentation. I have tried rubbing my brush through or scraping off the top layer of product and it's no use. There is no color to this one at all. It's very disappointing.


Luxe is one of the better palettes in this collection of eye shadows. The colors in it are unique and perfect for fall and are of decent quality. There's a cream colored neutral shade that is ok, but nothing to write home about. There's a gorgeous sort of metallic looking pink-y red shade that totally makes this quad worthwhile in my opinion. It's a gorgeous shadow with quite nice pigmentation and is quite soft, but not terribly crumbly or anything. There's also a sort of taupe-y grey shade that is quite nice quality as well, and a bronze-y shade that is very pretty, soft and blend-able. I would recommend this quad to anyone. It's one of the better of the bunch!

Nouveau Neutrals

This is another neutral shadow palette, but this one pales in comparison to brownstone. The shades in this one are lighter and less pigmented in general. The shades in this one are a very pale almost minty green shade that just shows up white, and is incredibly patchy with lots of fall out. There is also an olive green which hardly shows up on the eye at all, a cream shade that has no pigmentation whatsoever and is very hard and a sort of light copper shade that, again, has zero pigment. I would not recommend this palette for anyone, not even the youngest of makeup enthusiasts.

Ocean Dreams

Ocean Dreams is a palette with 4 blue toned shades. There is a light sky blue shadow with shimmer, that is very patchy when applied to the eye. There is a brighter based mid-toned blue that is a bit dry but overall quite nice. There is a deep navy blue that is quite pigmented and nice and there is a sort of cornflower blue shade that isn't quite as pigmented, but still decent. If you are looking for blue eye shadows, but blues aren't something you wear often so you don't really want to invest big money into them, this quad might be an option for you. It's not the best quality in the world, but these shades, with the exception of the lightest in the palette, can all be worked with.

Pretty in Pink

As the name suggests this palette has pink toned shadows. There is your basic white, which is decently pigmented, but a little chalky and patchy. There's a mid-toned warmer pink that is nice and soft and decently pigmented. The star of this quad is the mauve-y toned pink that is the darkest shade in this quad. It's pretty pigmented and easily blend-able and a very unique color that I think makes it worth the dollar price tag for this shade alone. And lastly there's a mid-toned cooler pink that is just so so. Overall, I recommend this one for that mauve shade. It really is something special and the quality far exceeds a lot of the other shadows in these quads, especially if worn over a cream base!

Punk Funk

This is a fun little palette. It contains some pretty bright electric shades. First, there's a white shade which is, better quality than some of the whites in the other brightening eye color quads, but is still quite chalky. There's a bright electric blue, which is unlike any other shade I have in my collection, so i'd say it's pretty unique. It's not the best pigmentation or quality but it can be built up and usable over a base. There's a bright purple which rocked my socks in the pan and works quite well on the eye as well. It's decently pigmented. A little chalky, but usable! And lastly, there's a bright electric pink that is, again, not the most pigmented in the world, but still usable. I'd recommend this quad to anyone who wants to experiment with bright shades but are a little uneasy about it. It's a great stepping off point!


Rocker is another disappointing quad for me. I really want to like this one because it's got shades that are right up my alley. There is a shimmery white which, as I am sure you have come to expect, is quite patchy with lots of fall out. There's a cream shade that is equally patchy. There's a stunning mid-toned purple which I so wanted to work for me, but there's very little pigmentation and it's dry. And lastly there's a slate grey that has some decent pigmentation but is difficult to blend and doesn't make up for the other sub par shadows in this quad. I wouldn't recommend this one, unless you really want to have to work with the shades. \

Silver Lining

Like Rocker, I had high hopes for this one. The shades are right up my alley. Lots of purple-y shades which are easily my favorite. But, like Rocker, this one is pretty disappointing. There's a pale lavendar purple that is hard and chalky and doesn't show up too well on my skin. There's a brighter mid-toned purple that has decent pigmentation but nothing to write home about. There's a lighter medium silvery grey color with shimmer that blends away to nothing so it really needs to be packed on to show up at all, and a light pale pinky purple that is quite nice and soft, but really shows up more like white on my skin. Overall, disappointing and I wouldn't recommend.

Teal Dream

This quad has some nice, light mermaid-y shades, but I wish the over all pigmentation was better. There's patchy cream shade. A decently pigmented sort of oatmeal shade. a lighter blue which is quite nice and soft but blends away to nothing, so you really have to pile it on to get it to work. And lastly here's a pretty teal shade that is soft but again blends away easily so you really have to work with it. This quad is nothing special and you could easily skip this one.

So that's all of my quads. Overall, I really wouldn't recommend these eye shadows as a whole. The pigmentation and quality on these little palettes are very hit or miss. In general, they are a bit dry and chalky and have quite a bit of fall out, especially in the shimmery shades. Some of the shades are more buttery and blend-able, and are worth picking up, but in general, these are not great quality. If you already have a ton of eye shadows in your collection, you could definitely skip these altogether. However, if you're just starting out, or looking for a product to purchase as a gift for a young girl just getting into makeup, some of these quads would be nice for that.

Hopefully you guys found this helpful! Leave me a comment down below and let me know if you have a different opinion of these shadows, or if you have a specific product you would like me to review next. Thanks so much for stopping by!


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