October 2014 Julep Maven: The Black Magic Collection It Girl Box + add ons

My Julep Maven Box arrived in the mail today! I was so excited to see it. In case you weren't aware, Julep recently changed their shipping procedure! They now ship Julep Maven Boxes from their warehouse in Ohio and they now also ship Fed Ex! No more DHL! That means much faster shipping in general. And since I am in Michigan, once my Maven box is shipped it takes just a couple of days to arrive. So much better than the week to two weeks I was waiting when they shipped DHL. So happy about the change! 

The box was packaged absolutely beautifully. I always look forward to opening my maven box. This time it was full of burgundy colored paper shreds and wrapped in black tissue paper with glitter! Very halloween-y! 

The collection this month is the Black Magic Collection. It's full of a lot of darker vampy shades that are perfect for the fall and upcoming halloween season! The Beauty Product that was featured in the collection is a Nighttime Mask, which sounded intriguing, but I was all about the polish this month, so I chose the It Girl Box. As always, the It Girl Box came with three nail polishes. I also chose to add on one of the polishes from the bombshell box this month because I couldn't resist. There was also a fun little extra this month! Candy Corn! I was so psyched to see it. I love candy corn and I think this was the perfect little addition to an October box! Let's take a look! 

Let's have a closer look at the contents of the box this month. The polishes this month are really neat! 

The It Girl Box contained Ledi, Dana and Shailene! 

Ledi- Black Pearl Shimmer
Dana- White with an electric blue shimmer (this one glows under a black light! So cool!) 
Shailene- Bewitched Purple with Gold Iridescence (My favorite from this collection) 

And I also added on Nancy from the Bombshell Box because she's just gorgeous! 
Nancy- Silvery Sage Metallic

L to R: Ledi, Dana, Shailene, Nancy
Other than the candy corn and the polish, there was a little card with a quote. They do this every month, but I especially liked this month's quote. It's an Edgar Allan Poe Quote. "There is no beauty without strangeness" 

There was also a sneak peek from November's Maven Reveal. It looks like the beauty products that they will be featuring for November is not one but two mascaras. I don't have a good track record with Julep's mascara, but they have been killing it with their beauty products lately, so it might be something to consider. 

And the last thing was a coupon code! I always love being able to get nail polish at a discount. Here's the code if you want to take advantage of it! 

So that's it! That's my Julep Maven box this month! Julep is a monthly nail polish subscription service! You pay just 25 dollars a month and get great nail polish delivered to your door. For more information and to sign up check out Julep's Website and Julep.com or you can feel free to use my referral link! For every two people that sign up through my referral link I get a 15 dollar gift card to use on Julep's website! You can sign up using my referral link by clicking here 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope to contribute more to my blog more often. I know I have neglected it for far too long! 

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