March Nail Polish Picks

Hey guys! This is usually something that I do on my youtube channel (If you aren't subscribed there you should be. www.youtube.com/Jwhackers) but I decided, in an attempt to use my blog more, that I would bring this series over here! I am going to be sharing with you all of the nail polishes I wore this last month! These photos were all taken from my instagram, so if you are interested in seeing my manicures in real time, you should follow me over there (Jwhackers).

March was a pretty rough month on my hands. The winter was so long here (and still sticking around, apparently, as it's currently snowing -Argh!) and it really did a number on my hands. They have been so dry, and my cuticles and nails have been really damaged. Plus, I suffered a pretty bad break near the beginning of the month, so I didn't wear quite as much nail polish as I usually would. But I did manage to get a few manicures in that I really enjoyed, so let's go ahead and get into them,

Julep Lynn and Julep Natalia
Julep Marcy 
Sally Hansen Hard as nail Xtreme wear Ivy League
with Butter London Swinger on top
Probelle Into the blue with Sinful Colors
Petal Be the Day on top
Julep Lulu with Funky Fingers Teen Spirit on Top 

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