plan with me July 20-26

It's another week in my planner, and this time I went with a really girly pink theme. That's not usually my style. But for whatever reason I was really feeling the pretty pink girly theme this week. Maybe because my niece was born last week. I don't know! But anyway, I didn't have a ton going on this week, again. I feel like during the summer I just try to keep the weekdays open and go with the flow day to day. I want my kids to be able to run around the neighborhood and hang out with their friends or do whatever they want, without having to go to a ton of scheduled things. So that explains why my weekly spreads are sort of blank and open. I add in a lot of things day to day as the week progresses. Anyway, here's my pages for the week. I took a ton of photos! I was really feeling this spread!

If you want to see how I did this spread check out my plan with my video!

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