Confessions of a nail polish addict tag

1. What color are  you wearing right now?
Wet n wild wild shine "Putting on Airs"
2. What nail product can't you live without?
A quick dry top coat!
3. What is your favorite brand of nail polish?
Currently my favorites are sinful colors and julep! 
4. What nail shape do you wear?
Sort of squoval
5. What's your go to red, pink and neutral nail polish?
For Red It's Sinful colors "sugar, sugar". Pink is went n wild wild shine  "Tickled Pink" And neutral would be Ulta's "Set the nude"
6. Short or long nails?
I like short nails in the winter when I am wearing darker colors. Otherwise, sort of medium length works best for me! 
7. What nail polishes are on your wish list?
I used to have a wish list pinned on pinterest.  Now, really, the only polishes I want are the Color Club linear holographics. I'd also like to try Jessie's girl polish, and expand my collection of l'oreal.
8. When do you paint your nails? Morning, afternoon or evening?
9. What's your top nail tip you swear by?
10. What nail polishes do you regret buying?
The sally hansen magnetic nail polishes
11. Neon or pastel?
I love love love neon in the summer, but pastels are my favorite
12. What is your favorite nail polish color right now?
I'm all about pinks right now!

For more indepth answers and reasonings, check out my video!

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