plan with me! July 27-Aug 1 in my happy planner!

The weeks are just flying by! I almost missed out on sharing this week's spread in my happy planner with you! It's a little late, but here it is!! This is the week of July 27- August 2! I used a lot of stickers from some of my absolute favorite etsy shops. I used the Secret Garden Sticker set from Big House Prints on etsy. These stickers are made to fit the vertical erin condren life planner. But they fit in my happy planner too! They come up a bit short, since the erin condren boxes are shorter than the happy planner ones. But I absolutely love the beautiful colors and design! If you are interested in buying this set or any of the other super cute sets that she has to offer in her shop, you can use the coupon code "Jwhackers" and get 20% off any order of 10 dollars or more!

In addition to the Secret Garden Sticker set, I also used a few of the full boxes from the Kawaii Fruit mix-n-match set from Mama Needs Chocolate on etsy. These are sized for the happy planner so they fit perfectly and I think that the pink colors compliments the other stickers I used in the spread. I've got a coupon code for this shop, too! I asked her if she would do one for you guys because I just love her stickers so much! If you use "Jwhackers" you can get 25% off any order of 3 dollars or more. These stickers are already so affordable, and using this coupon code gets you great stickers at a total steal!

The weekend banner that I used in the spread is from stickeriffic. And the super cute mixer stickers are from cheeky paper creations. Her shop is on a brief hiatus while she catches up on orders, but once it reopens, you can use the code "Jwhackers10" through the end of the month of receive 10% off any order. I highly recommend her shop! She's got the cutest repositional stickers at super low prices.

If you want to see how I put together this spread, check out my plan with me video!

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