The easiest applesauce ever!

This is the most Ridiculously easy Crock Pot Applesauce ever!
I read a lot of recipes on how to make applesauce. You can find a zillion recipes on pinterest. Some are more complicated than others. The easiest of the recipes call for tossing some apples into a crock pot, turning it on and walking away. So that's pretty much what I did.

This isn't really a recipe per say. It's really just some pretty vague instructions on how to make the easiest applesauce ever. This is so ridiculously easy that you really don't need super in depth instructions. You just peel, core and cut some apples into slices. How many apples you need depends on how much applesauce you want. You can use as few or as many apples as you want. You can use whatever mixture of apple varieties that you want, too. Me? I used 3 large granny smith apples, 5 Michigan apples and a few gala apples. That just happened to be what I had on hand.

Put these into your crock pot with a little bit of water. Just enough to cover the bottom of the crock pot. I didn't measure this. Start with a little. You can always add more if ya need it. I threw in some brown sugar (roughly a quarter of a cup maybe? Again I didn't measure) Sprinkle some cinnamon on top.

Then I turned the crock pot on high and let the apples cook until they're done. Mine took about 3-4 hours. Just keep an eye on it. When the apples start to break down and you can easily mash them they're done. When the apples have cooked completely, you'll want to mash them into applesauce.

 We like our applesauce chunky so I just mashed them up with a big spoon. If you want your applesauce to be a thinner, less chunky consistency you can run it through a food mill or a food processor. Whatever makes ya happy! You can add more brown sugar and cinnamon at this point if ya want. I didn't find that mine needed any further sweetening, but I did add a bit more cinnamon. We love cinnamon applesauce.

And that's it. So easy but so unbelievably good. We got about 8 cups of applesauce out of those dozen or so apples. My kids have been devouring it! I froze about half of it, but something tells me I will be thawing it soon. Luckily it's apple season so I'll be able to buy bushels of apples! I see lots and lots of homemade applesauce in our future!

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