My Favorite Fall Lip Products

In the spring and summer I wear a lot of lip gloss and balms. When it starts to get cooler, and Autumn comes around, I tend to go for lipsticks instead. I love deep berry colors in fall, especially. I don't own a ton of lipsticks, and the ones I do own are very similar. I thought i'd give you all a peek at my favorite lip products for fall.

1. E.L.F. Lipstick in the color Voodoo. I love the formulation of Elf lipsticks. They are creamy and glide on smooth. Voodoo is a deep berry colored lipstick that I think would go great with any skin color.

2. Revlon lipstick in the shade Blush Chrome. I've had this lipstick forever. I am not even sure if it is available anymore. It's probably my most reached for lipstick in the fall. It's very moisturizing, and it's a bit lighter than the Elf lipstick. It matches a lot of make up looks and goes great paired with a lighter eye.

3. Rimmel London in the color Asia. This is another lipstick I've had in my collection for a long time. It's a great neutral pinky shade and again, the formula is great. This lipstick is great for neutral looks.

4. Maybelline lipstick in the color Totally Toffee. This lipstick is gorgeous. I love the sleek packaging, and the lip product itself is flawless. This is probably my favorite lipstick in terms of wear. It lasts a while, it goes on smooth and it makes my lips feel great. I need to go back and get this lipstick in so many other colors. As for the color itself, it's a great nude-brown color. It's another lipstick that's very neutral and natural looking.

5. New York Color in Ruby. I should start off by saying that I bought this lipstick thinking it would be red. It's not red it's actually a pretty bright pink. I hate the formulation of the lipstick. It's gritty at first and a little drying. However, layered over a great lip balm, I adore the color. It's unexpected and not something I normally wear, but it's a really fun color.

6. Elf Hypershine Gloss in Berry Cherry. I adore this lipgloss. It works great layered over any of the lipsticks above (except maybe Ruby). It's also great alone It's a very sheer shiny gloss with a little tint of pink and contains no shimmer. It's not sticky and while it's shiny, it's not overly shiny, if you know what I mean.

7. EOS Lip balms. I adore EOS lip balms. I own two. One in summer fruit and one in Lemon Drop. First off the packaging is adorable. These are sort of egg shaped, which makes them easily identifiable in your bag. The balm itself is so smooth, and feels great on your lips. They contain no color at all and they smell so good. Lemon Drop smells, of course, like lemons and contains SPF 20. Summer Fruits is a very tropical smelling balm that does not contain SPF. These are so moisturizing, and not at all greasy. I highly recommend these.

I have done swatches of all the lipsticks for you. I apologize for the slightly blurry photo.

What are your favorite lip products for fall?

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