Nail of the Day

I was originally planning on posting an outfit of the day today, but here in Michigan, it's really chilly. So I opted to just throw on a sweatshirt and jeans today. It's a comfy cozy outfit, but nothing to write home about. So instead, I decided to post a nail of the day. I love nail polish. I think it's a great way to add a pop of color to any outfit, and I tend to change colors often to fit my mood. I really wanted a deep navy blue nail, but I don't have any Navy polish in my collection (yet!) So instead I decided to go with OPI Yodel Me on my Cell. It's from the Swiss collection. It's a really pretty sapphire blue, and while it didn't give me the navy nail fix I was looking for, I really like the color. In fact, this one might just make it into the fall nail polish picks blog I am working on! Look for that to be posted in the next day or two.

What is your favorite nail polish brand/color?


Boarbb said...

This color is soo pretty on you =]

Jessi said...

thank you!


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