What I got for Christmas!

I love reading blog posts and watching youtube videos where people feature their christmas gifts, so I thought I would write up a quick post sharing with all of you what I got for Christmas. I didn't get a lot. We tend to go overboard on shopping for our children, and then only get a couple things ourselves, which is just fine, because that's the way it should be in my opinion. But I did get a few things that are fashion/beauty related so I thought I would share them.

My husband took my boys out so that they could shop for presents for me. My 8 year old picked me up the elf flawless face book in the holiday packaging, which is adorable. And he also picked me up a beauty to go set which came with two palettes that each include 20 eye shadows, 2 lip colors and two blushes. It also came with this little case to put them in so you can travel with it. I have to get another case, though, because while it came with two palettes, it only came with one case, so the one that I am not currently using just sits on my dresser where I keep my make up and I am terrified my cat is going to knock it over and destroy it!

My three year old son (with help from his daddy, I am quite sure) picked me up a gift set from elf that contained 5 glitter eyeliners, as well as the natural eye beauty book in the holiday packaging. I am going to have a blast with these, I think.

My mom got me a lot of really great avon stuff. She got me a Scentini perfume from avon, in the scent Rose fizz. It smells amazing and the bottle is adorable. She also got me a pair of hoop earrings with my birthstone, a set that came with a gorgeous pearl looking necklace and earrings to match. An awesome purple nail file (my favorite color is purple!) She got me a pair of boxers to lounge around the house in (I won't photograph these!) And she also got me 3 avon nail polishes. One in the color gleaming gold, which is a beautiful gold color (obviously). One in the color Violetta Sparkle which is purple with gold glitter. And also, the mosaic effects top coat which gives your nails the crackle effect. I did a mani with that today, and I'll share a picture of that alongside the pictures of the items from my mom.

Ok, and the last thing I will share with you all is the absolutely gorgeous coat that my husband got me for Christmas. It's beautiful and I love it. It's a taupe colored coat from St. John's Bay. It's got a suede feel to it, and faux fur around the hood. And it's just so warm and lovely. The photos don't do it justice. I will have to photograph myself in it the next time I do an outfit of the day to give you all a real view of how beautiful this coat is. My hubby did good!!

So that's what I got for Christmas! I got a couple other things but they aren't relevant to this blog, so I won't post them. I am so grateful for everything I got. It was an amazing Christmas. What did you get for Christmas? Comment below and let me know!

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JessicaP said...

You got some great beauty gifts and that coat is super cute!


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