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Sorry it's taken me so long to get this next installment of my makeup collection up. The holidays have kept me super busy. But now Christmas is behind us (hope you all had a great one!) and I can move on with the next segment of my make up collection- face products. I don't have a ton of face products. That is one area of my make up collection that I need to expand, but nonetheless, I will show you what I do have. Remember, if you want more information on any of the products, or a proper review, just let me know!

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NYC Liquid Concealer in Light- this is a pretty decent concealer for the price. I think I paid around 3 dollars for this. It's creamy and blends easily making it a great under eye concealer. It's not the best in the world for blemishes, but thankfully I am not prone to break outs, and don't often need a concealer for that.

NYC Skin Matching Foundation in Light- this is actually a really great foundation, if you know how to use it. the trick to this is not to over blend, because then it tends to start to look flaky. But if you buff it into your skin it is a really nice foundation. It's light to medium coverage, and the shade is perfect for me. It's not my holy grail foundation (I am still on the look out for that) but it works for me.

Jane. Be Pure Mineral Sheer Poudre
- It's hard to see this one in the photo. It's the one that all you can see is the silver cap. I am not a fan of this powder. It's a loose powder, and I am generally not a huge fan of loose powders to begin with, but this one is especially light, and gets absolutely everywhere when I apply it. The actual product feels nice on the skin and is good for setting my foundation, but it's such a mess to use that I don't often use it.

NYC Cover stick in Light
- This is what I use to cover my blemishes when they pop up. It's easy to use and works fairly well, though it can be difficult to blend. I like it well enough, and I think I only paid a dollar or two for it.

Cover Girl fresh complexion pocket powder foundation in medium light- I have this forever, and I only really started using it this year. It's way too dark for me in the winter, but the shade is nice in the summer. I tend to use it over top of a tinted moisturized for just a tad more coverage. It's nice.

Elf Contouring Blush and bronzer
- this is currently one of the only blushes I own, and it is the only bronzer I own. I just haven't felt the need to purchase many more, because this one is fantastic. The bronzer is great for all over bronzing. It's not super dark and it's got some nice shimmer in it. It's not the best for contouring.
I would prefer a matte bronzer for that, but I haven't found one yet that I like for that at a decent price. (if you have any suggestions let me know!) The blush in this duo is a gorgeous peachy pink, and I use it almost every single day.

Elf Natural Radiance Blusher in flushed-
I love this blush. I just picked it up recently. It's a gorgeous natural pink tone that gives me cheeks the perfect flush of color. It's not super dry or chalky, and applies smooth. And the best part? It only costs a dollar! The packaging isn't the best, but I am willing to overlook that because the product is so great for the price. I think I need to go back to Target and pick up some more of these.

Wet 'n Wild Twist Up Blush Stick in 721- I have had this for more years than I care to admit. I doubt if they even make these anymore. It's not a great blush. It's sort of dry and hard to blend, though that could be because I have had it for so long. I ought to just throw it away, but I like the color a lot, so I continue to use it occasionally. lol.

That's it. As you can see, I don't have a lot of face products. I tend to spend my money on more fun things like eye shadow and lip gloss. haha. I do need to invest in a matte bronzer, a few other shades of blush and a really good foundation. And I will. Eventually.

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