Mini Haul: Nail Polish

So I have been sticking to my word and not purchasing a ton of make up lately. In fact, I haven't been purchasing much of anything, really, considering my addiction to shopping. I did pick up a few nail polishes last night, though, and I thought I would share! Actually, I armed my husband with a list of polishes and he picked them up for me while he was out and about. Which is good, because had I gone, I am sure I would have ended up purchasing way more than the 5 he picked up for me. lol.

I have a lot of nail polish in my collection, but one thing I do not have is a good black or a good white. So I figured I would give sinful colors' versions of these a try. So I got "Snow me white" and "Black on black".

As for the more colorful polishes I got "Savage" which is a pretty, matte, teal blue color. I also got "Cinderella" which is a somewhat sheer baby blue color with what looks like pink shimmer in it. And lastly, I wanted something bright for summer so I got "Innocent" which is sort of a neon lime green creme color.

L to R: "Snow me white", "Innocent", "Cinderella", "Savage", "Black on Black"

So that's it for my tiny haul. Each of these nail polishes are part of Sinful colors permanent collection. They were purchased at walgreens for $1.99 each. I love Sinful colors, and will definitely be back for more sooner rather than later.

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