Up&up brand natural glow daily moisturizer review

I have always, always been one to embrace my ultra pale skin. I am adamant about protecting my skin from the sun, stay away from tanning beds a constant slather-er of sunscreen when I am in the sun. And up until a few weeks ago, I had never tried a sunless tanner. Well, earlier this month, I had a concert to go to, and I wanted to wear shorts. And my legs are about 6 shades lighter than the rest of my body. So I had to do something to make them match a little closer. So I went to target and purchased their version of the jergens natural glow daily moisturizer. I figured it couldn't hurt. Now that I have used it long enough, I thought that I would give you all a review.

This is a white lotion that you rub on, and gradually, over time a subtle difference in color will appear. I really like the smell of this product. I hear a lot about sunless tanners not smelling good at all, but this one smells nice. Not offensive and very light. I like that it's a gradual process. So it's not like I am white as a ghost one minute and then all of a sudden I am tan. I am not, however, great at remembering to apply it every day. There have been several days in a row where I have missed applications. I am, after all, a wife and a stay at home mom and I have a lot going on. lol. When I have remembered to do it, it has given me a very subtle glow. Again, nothing drastic. It can tend to be a little orange, but not too bad, because it is so subtle. There are a couple of down sides. I do notice that I have some discoloration around the knees and ankles where my skin obviously was drier and absorbed more of the product, but it's not super bad or obvious, and some exfoliating fixes it right up. It also can stain clothes if you aren't careful. I have only had this happen once, and since then I have been more careful and no more accidents! You just have to make sure you allow it to absorb completely before you dress.

I think had I been able to buy a formula for light skin tones I would have liked this even better. The one I bought was for medium skin tones, because that's all that was available. In fact, I think that's all that this brand makes. Still, overall I am pleased with thid product. I like the glow it gives my skin It's very moisturizing, and the downsides are easy to look past, considering the overall results and the price. I believe I paid just under 6 dollars for this!

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