July Empties!

I thought today I would bring you a post that is a bit difference. I have been holding on to all of the empty packaging from the products I have used up over the course of the last month or so. I thought that I could show you what I have used up as well as give you some mini review on the products and tell you whether or not I would purchase them again! These types of videos are popular on youtube, so I thought I would adapt this for my blog and see how you all like this! I have some body products as well as some make up products to share with you all today.

The first product I used up is the Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Deodorant in the scent Cool cucumber

I really enjoyed this deodorant. It kept me smelling fresh and feeling dry all day, and I really liked the scent. I have since purchased a different deodorant because it was on sale, but I would definitely repurchase this one again in the future!

The next product I used up are these makeup remover facial wipes I picked up at the Dollar tree a while back

The package comes with 40 makeup remover wipes for a dollar. It's a good value, but I didn't really like these wipes. They were moist enough, but not very thick so I had a hard time using them on my face. Plus, they left a lot of makeup left over on my face .What I do like them for is removing swatches from my hand when I am testing products out, or swatching for my blog, so that's what I used them up for. I would probably purchase these again for that reason, but not for removing makeup from my actual face.

Another product i used up are the Elf makeup remover cleansing cloths

This product comes with 20 premoistened cloths for 3 dollars. I actually got this package from eyeslipsface.com and used a coupon code so I got them for half price. I love these wipes. These are the wipes I use to remove makeup from my face on a regular basis. They are soft, thick and moist enough to do the job. They have a pleasant smell, and don't leave a funny residue behind. I will definitely be repurchasing these. In fact, I already have!

Next, I have the softsoap body butter coconut scrub body wash

I think I have talked about this product on my blog before. I really enjoyed this body wash. It had exfoliating beads in it that made me feel ultra clean, and was very moisturizing. I also loved the smell. Would I repurchase this again? Sure! I like to try different scents and products, but this is one I can see myself purchasing again sometime in the future!

I used up a tube of the NYC Instant Lash mascara in Black

I've raved about this mascara in the past. It's one of my all time favorite mascaras and it only costs $1. I can't think of anything bad to say about it. I have already repurchased another tube of this!

Another item that I used up this month is the Rimmel London Lipstick in Asia

This is one of those lipsticks that has been in my collection for as long as I can remember, and I finally made it through it. I enjoyed this lipstick. It was one of my favorites. It was a pretty mauve-y shade that I have talked about on here in the past. Would I repurchase it again? probably not, only because I have so many other lipsticks in my current collection, plus, I don't even know if they make this one anymore!

I also used up a little travel size bottle of the Burt's Bees Super Shiny Grapefruit and sugar beet shampoo.

I really did not like this shampoo at all. I didn't like the smell, I didn't like the way it made my hair feel. It was overall just a dud for me. I have some other burt;'s bees products that Is wear by, but this just was not something I enjoyed using at all. It made my hair feel very dried out. The smell was not pleasant. Overall, I am glad it was just a travel size. I will not be purchasing this again.

The last thing I used up this month is the Swept Away body spray

This product was given to me by my aunt quite a while ago. This is one of those imitation perfumes that is supposed to smell like a more expensive popular perfume. This one is meant to smell like Victoria's Secret Love Spell, and it absolutely does. In fact, it's so similar, my sister asked me if that is what I was wearing. I really enjoyed this body spray, and if I can find it again for purchase, I will definitely try it again.

So that wraps up my empties post for this month! I hope you enjoyed it, because I really enjoyed doing this post. I doubt it will be a monthly thing, it takes me a while to use things up, but you'll see another post like this after I have collected some more empties! until then, have a great day!!


BebeDollface said...

I absolutely LOVE Dove deoderant! It's the only deoderant I use, and when it first came out the commercials claimed that it would restore the skin under your arms to baby soft. I love a product that actually does what it claims, and this one does! Also, thought I'd mention I use face cleansing/makeup removing wipes by equate. I have a hard container I bought initially, then I just by refill packages. They come with a LOT of wipes, work really well and are pretty decently priced (between $3-$5).

BebeDollface said...
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BebeDollface said...


Jessi said...

Have you ever tried the Elf brand wipes? Do the walmart ones work as well as them? Because if they do I might just have to switch, that sounds like a great deal!


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