Time for a haul!

It feels like it has been absolutely forever since I posted a haul blog! I have not been doing much shopping at all lately. And when I have it's usually just been an item here and there when I needed to replace something. Nothing large enough to do a haul on. But lately I've purchased a few things and I thought it would be fun to share them with you. I went to Target, Dollar General and Dollar Tree!

The first place that I went was Dollar General. I was looking for travel sized products, because I am going on a trip to Chicago the second week of August, and I want to be able to pack light.

So from Dollar General I picked up a little travel size bottle of Tresemme Tres Two hair spray in non-aresol form, a travel size tresemme luxurious Moisture Shampoo and conditioner, a little bottle of scope mouth wash and a mini Secret flawless Renewal Deoderant

Next, I went to dollar tree. I needed a few essentials, as well as a couple more travel items

I picked up a package of travel bottles so that I can take my face cleanser and a couple of other things with me to chicago. I picked up a travel tooth brush and a mini tube of colgate tooth paste. I got a box of tissues, since I am constantly running through tissues like crazy. A travel bottle of St Ives Oatmeal and Shea Butter body wash (which I cannot wait to try!). a travel can of Pure Silk shave cream in raspberry mist. A pack of disposable razors, sine cold cream to try to remove my makeup with, a pack of facial wipes mostly to remove makeup swatches for when I am blogging. And I also purchased a bottle of hair detangler from the kids' section for my hair, but I totally forgot to photograph it!

Lastly I went to target. I just wanted to pick up a couple of makeup products from Elf that I was running low on.

So I picked up up the Elf makeup remover Wipes, which are my favorite makeup removing wipes. I also picked up another tube of the Elf tinted moisturizer, this time in Nude, because my skin has gotten quite a bit of color from the sun so far this summer. And I also picked up an item I haven't tried yet from elf and it's the Studio Golden Bronzer. I am looking forward to trying it out! Lastly, I picked up a neon green crew neck tee shirt from the brand mossimo, because I love simple t-shirt in the summer, and I loved the neon color. Plus, it was on sale marked down from 8 dollars to 6. I couldn't pass it up!

So that wraps up my haul! Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!!


Anonymous said...

I love your hauls.

Jessi said...

thanks for reading! :)


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