July Favorites!

I'm here, once again with my monthly favorites. These are the products that I have really been loving over the course of the last month. Without further ado, let's get right into it!

The first products I have really been loving this month are cream eyeshadow bases. I really like to use a base underneath my eyeshadow to make the color pop, and to help the shadow last. Some of the ones I have been reaching for a lot this month, depending on the eyeshadow look I have been wearing are:

The Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze
The Elf Duo eyeshadow creams in Berry Mix and Butter Pecan
The Elf all over color sticks in Golden Peach and Toasted
and the urban Decay 24/7 Glide on eyeshadow pencils in sin and rehab

I have been pretty much using all of those interchangeably. They all work pretty much the same for the purpose of a colored eyeshadow base. I recommend them all, highly!

My next favorite for the month of July has been the Elf Mineral infused Face Primer and the Elf Make-up Mist and set spray

These two products are amazing on their own, but when used together they become the ultimate protection against make up melt down. The Mineral infused face primer is a gel that you smooth over your face before you apply foundation. It glides on effortlessly and feels so silky and smooth. It's a great primer. It allows my foundation to just glide on easily without dragging or settling into any lines in my face. And the mist and set spray, I use after I have applied all of my makeup to set everything. It removes any cake-iness from my powders, and makes for a beautiful finish that makes my makeup last all day even on the hottest of days! Love this stuff!

Another one of my favorites this month has been the Elf Zit Zapper

This handy item costs just one dollar from eyeslipsface. It's a roller ball type packaging that contains Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel and Camphor. I just apply this to any break outs and it dries them up practically overnight. This is also supposed to help with the prevention of break outs. I love this stuff!

Lastly, a product that I have been enjoying this month is the LA colors shimmering loose eyeshadow with brush in lollipop

This is a product that I have seen at my local dollar tree and always wondered about, but never picked it up. I actually stole this one from my little sister's makeup collection (Hi Kassi is you are reading this!) This is just a loose eyeshadow in a pretty pink color. What I love about it is the shimmer. This is a lovely neutral shimmer that you can apply to your eyes as an eyeshadow, but I have also used it as a shimmery highlight on my cheekbones, brown bone and chest. It's lovely, and it only costs a dollar!

Well, that's all for my favorites this month. I am also still loving and using all of the my favorites from June as well. Not much in the way of variety. Pretty much been using the same things day in and day out. So, I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope you all have an amazing August!

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Mystique Burba said...

I love the all over color sticks! Seeing the other elf items, makes me want to order just to try them. :)


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