Maybelline Baby Lips Limited edition shades

If you're a constant reader of my blog you know that I absolutely love the maybelline baby lips lip balms. Well, when I came across a display at my local walmart with new limited edition shades, I immediately jumped up and down and tossed em into my cart! There are three new limited edition shades and they are awesome! I thought I would share with you my thoughts on them, as well as a few quick swatches!

Unfortunately I did not remember t get a good photo of these beauties in their packaging before I excitedly tore into them, but you can see them here in this photo from one of my recent hauls. As you can see, these were sold in packs of two. There was also a third 2 pack, but it contained two of the shades from the permanent line, and since I already had them, it didn't make sense for me to buy the, The first pack of two came with two brand new limited edition shades in Coral Crush (A beautiful sheer true coral shade), and Pink Wink (a super super pale pink that is practically clear). The second two pack contained one permanent shade, peach kiss, which I already owned, but I purchased the pack anyway to get my hands on the limited edition shade, which is twinkle. Twinkle is a light pink shade that is so pretty!

L to R: Coral Crush, pink wink, twinkle
Like the permanent range of baby lips lip balms, these are super moisturizing. They glide on to the lips nice and smooth. They all smell great too. If you aren't a fan of scents in products you'll want to steer clear of these. Coral Crush smells like sweet candy, Twinkle smells just like bubble gum and pink wink has a fruity scent. Such yummy smells.

As far as pigmentation goes, these can be layered on for a deeper pigmentation, but they are all pretty sheer. twinkle is so light it basically is just sheer on my lips. Coral Crush and pink wink however have a nice pigmentation when applied in layers. The coral is by far my favorite. Just look at that gorgeous color!

L to R: Coral Crush, Pink Wink, twinkle
So overall, if you are a fan of the maybelline baby lips lip balms, I highly suggest running out and grabbing these limited edition shades if you haven't done so already. They are amazing, especially the shade coral crush. It's amazing! These two packs of lip balms retail for around 8 dollars. At 4 dollars a lip balm, that is a bit pricey, but these are definitely worth it in my opinion. Their fun packaging, great smell, wonderful pigmentation and super moisturizing qualities make them a must have item in my book!

Which color are you loving? Leave me a comment down below and let me know!

note: I originally mixed up pink wink and twinkle. It's fixed now, so the swatches you are seeing are labelled correctly now. Sorry for the mishap!


Debby Bubby Tomecek said...

I love the casings! That would be a big help in quickly identifying which one you are looking for in a hurry and I also like the pink shades over the oranges,but that is just me. My coloring is not suitable to oranges most of the time. Thanks for sharing these, it was very helpful!!

Beauty on a College budget said...

I love Baby lips!!!!! I think I'll definitely have to go out and get twinkle! I keep meaning to buy them, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

Anonymous said...

You got Twinkle and Pink Wink mixed up... >.<

Lisa T said...

I'm tempted to try Coral Crush.. lol!


Jessi said...

omg i think I did mix up twinkle and pink wink, I willl go and double check and edit accordingly. Thank you!

Lisa, you should!


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