Another Haul (Part one!)

I did even more shopping. I have an addiction. I can't help it! So here I bring you yet another haul! And believe it or not, there will be a part two of this haul because I am waiting on a couple of online orders. After that, I am (hopefully) done shopping for quite a while. Well, let's be honest black Friday (and Cyber Monday) are coming up, so I will probably be done shopping after that. Yeah, that sounds about right.:)

Anyway, for this haul I went to Walmart (again), Walgreens and Bath and Body Works. So let's just jump right into what I got so this isn't incredibly long!

The first place I went was Walgreens. My husband, Eric and I were having dinner at Red Lobster the other day and there was a walgreens right up the road so I decided to go in there because I knew Sinful colors nail polishes were on sale for 99 cents each. Well, I took advantage of that sale and bought a few polishes. And then I bought a bunch more, just cause. I ended up walking out of there with a whopping 14 nail polishes. I think my addiction to nail polish is getting out of hand! haha, but I did get some great deals!


From the Sinful Colors color brand, I got three nail polishes in Folly ( a raspberry pink color), Easy Going (A super pale baby pink) and Unicorn (a pale yellow). I picked up two Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polishes that were not on sale, but which I am totally in love with. Pacific Blue is a beautiful creamy blue color, and Strobe Light in a glitter polish with lots of pink and multicolored glitters. Lastly, for nail polish,  I picked up a set of 8 polishes from Wet n Wild. I also picked up a Sally Hansen Insta-dry top coat, because I left my other top coat at my cousin's house and haven't remembered to get it back from her!

 This awesome set came with 4 Megalast polishes and 4 of their fastdry polishes. The 4 Megalast polishes that came in the set were I Red a good book (a red color), I need a refresh-mint (a gorgeous mint green), On a trip(a light purple) and Wet Cement (a taupe-y grey color). The four fast dry polishes are FuchsiaRama ( a fuchsia purple shade, The wonder yellows (a deep yellow), Sage in the City (a pretty green and (an orange with lots of shimmer). The set of 8 polishes cost me $9.99! and the bag it came in doubles as a huge makeup bag!

The only other thing I picked up walgreens were the last two of the Maybelline baby lips that I needed. Now own them all! I got the two colorless balms in Quenched and Peppermint.

Next up, I have my purchases from Walmart. I went in there to kill some time while my husband went to a sporting goods store. I ended up buying a ton of stuff.

The first thing I picked up is a Revlon perfect heat 1 1/2 inch barrel curling iron. I have like 3 flat irons, but I didn't have a single curling iron. I picked this one because it has a nice large barrel and it was incredibly inexpensive at around 15 dollars. I also picked up a new hair brush. I just grabbed a random conair paddle brush. I picked up a couple of fragrances. I got a bodycology fragrance mist in exotic cherry blossom.  I also got the Taylor Swift Wonder struck perfume. I chose just to get the 1 oz bottle rather than spring for a larger bottle. I paid 30 dollars for the 1 oz bottle. it smells so good and the bottle is beautiful! I also purchased another white watch because the last one I owned broke.

In the cosmetics section I purchased the Revlon colorstay whipped Creme Foundation in nude, The Maybelline color tattoo in too cool (a nice white shade) and the L'oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara in Carbon black. I also bought some equate brand eye makeup remover, some cotton rounds and some cotton balls.

Lastly I went to Bath and Body Works, and purchased some more frangrances, because apparently the ones I bought at walmart just weren't enough. lol.

 These particular scents were half off, so I got two for the price of one. I got Dreamy Vanilla woods and honey Autumn apple. Both are amazingly yummy fall scents.And while I was there, my two boys decided they wanted hand sanitizer, and since the pocketbacs are always 5 for $5, I decided to pick up 5. We got midnight pomegranate, japanese cherry blossom,  Winter Spice and Vanilla (my personal favorite of the 5), fresh picked strawberry (my older son's choice) and fresh picked pear (my youngest son's choice) We also got three of the pocketbac holders, one for each of us! haha.

So that's it for this haul! As I said, I do have some online orders that I am waiting for to come in, so there will be yet another haul coming soon! But after that I promise there will be no more hauls for a while! I hope you all are having an amazing weekend, and i will talk to you all soon!

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