Urban Decay and Walmart haul

I'm back! I am sorry, once again for the delay. I decided since it's been a while since I blogged, the best post to write up to get back into swing of things would be a haul post. Hauls are my favorite! I love to shop and share my purchases with all of you!

Earlier in the month, I put in an order with Urban Decay. It was just a tiny little order. I didn't really NEED anything, but you all know how much I love their sale page. Here's what I got!

The Skull Shadow box is so cute! It's a silver box packaging with an adorable pink skull on the front. Inside, you get 9 eye shadows and an eyeshadow applicator. The colors included in the box are Cherry, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Grifter, Vert, Oil Slick, Shattered, Blunt Chopper and Twice Baked.  I picked up this little eye shadow box for just $12!

 Cherry, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Grifter
Vert, Oil Slick, Shattered
Blunt, Chopper, Twice Baked

 I also picked up three Urban Decay lipsticks! These originally were listed at @22. But they are being discontinued so they were on sale for just $3 each. I picked up three in the colors Confession, Apocalypse and Pistol. Confession is a deep but wearable purple shade. Apocalypse is like a more sheer version of  Confession, and Pistol is a pretty pink-y red shade with sparkle. i love the vampy shades for fall!
super cute dagger on the packaging

Confession, Apocalypse, Pistol

That was all that I ordered from Urban Decay, but wait, there's more! Last night I went to Walmart. I picked up a couple clothing items, a few makeup items and some other essentials.

I picked up three pairs of pants. The first is a pair of simple dark wash denim jeans, The second is a plum color pair of pants from the faded glory brand. The third is just a super simple pair of black leggings.

 I also picked up 2 tops. One is just a basic black cami that I needed. The second is an adorable patterned sheer peasant top with shades of teal and green and cream. It's got a cute tie detail around the neckline and it's banded along the bottom. It's hard to get a feel for how this looks in the photo, but I'll be sure to post an outfit of the day featuring this stop soon!

 Next I just grabbed a few essential items. I picked yup the VO5 Herbal Escape Shampoo and Conditioner in pomegranate. I have never tried this before, but it was super cheap. Like 97 cents a bottle or something. So if I hate it, I won't be out much. I also got some Suave body wash in the scent Wild Cherry Blossom. I got another bottle of the Aussie 3 minute miracle because I am almost out and it's my favorite deep conditioner. I picked up a product I have never tried before, but have been very interested in trying out. It's the organix Moroccan and argon oil. I am anxious to see what this stuff does to my dry, coarse and frizzy hair. I also got a bottle of Suave Keratin infusion dry shampoo. And a Secret deodorant, since I ran out of my last one. Lastly, I got a new shower pouf, because my old one had seen better days!
And of course, no shopping trip would be complete without a trip down the cosmetics aiseles. I picked up some of the new limited edition shades of the Maybelline Baby lips lip balms. You all know, if you have been reading my blog for a while, how much I enjoy the baby lips products. The limited edition shades come in a package of two. The first pack I got contained two shades that I didn't already own, Coral Crush and Twinkle. The second set I picked up contained one shade I already own in Peach Kiss and one new shade, Pink Wink. I also picked up a wet n wild Color Icon Eyeshadow palette in Petal Pusher, which contains 8 shades in various pink and purple shades. I also picked up some hair elastics and some bobby pins, since those always seem to up and disappear on me. 

So, that does it for my and my haul for today! I will be back to regularly posting from now on (knock on wood) so I will talk to you all again real soon! Leave me a comment down below and let me know what you've purchased recently!


Chelsey said...

Welcome back! Great haul! I'm going shopping in the states soon so Im going to look for those new lip balms over there, cause cosmetics are way cheaper. Also have to pick up some ELF from Target. I never leave without at least 5-10 things.

:) chelsey

Jessi said...

thank you!

BebeDollface said...

I absolutely LOVE Aussie 3 minute miracle :) I'd like ot know how that organix stuff treats ya. And am super jealous that you have rthe baby lips in coral - I'm gonna have to look for that bc I want it!

Jessi said...

3 minute miracle is definitely a holy grail item for me. Amazing results for 3 dollars? Can't beat that! The baby lips in coral is so pretty! I am going to do swatches soon and post them. You NEED to have it if you're a coral lip girl!


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